Wedding Decoration Ideas – Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are always so colorful. This lends itself well to not only decorating for the holidays, but finding fantastic ideas for wedding decorations.

Stein’s Garden and Gifts in the Milwaukee area has a great clearance sale of different colored ornament bulb garland.  As of 11/22/11, an 8ft long string of large ornament bulbs was on clearance for $11.99 (regular price $34.99 – the red garland in the picture below) and a (roughly) 6ft foot long string of multi-oversized bulbs was on clearance for $14.99 (regular price $44.99 – the green and gold garland in the picture below). They had an array of colors including orange, brown, purple and pink, as well as the traditional holiday colors – green, red, silver and gold.

These would be a perfect idea to draw attention to a central area at your reception, say the gift/cake table and incorporate your theme colors.

I only saw this deal in the store, but feel free to check out their website for their locations. Stein’s is also a local company with their corporate offices here in Milwaukee, so you can feel good about buying local and saving some money!