13 Amazing Ideas You Can Steal From This Pritzlaff Event

Unique Pritzlaff Wedding

Amazingly unique ideas for your wedding.
Photo of Classy Girl Cupcakes by Andy Stenz.

If there’s one thing we love here at Married In Milwaukee it’s helping #MKEBrides and #MKEGrooms with ideas to make their wedding unique – and that’s what this article is all about.

Below you’ll find an overview of some of the unique things Married In Milwaukee Family Members brought to our last Bridal Networking Night at the Prizlaff Building. Every one of these touches can be added to your Milwaukee wedding, so don’t be shy about contacting the vendors involved. Enjoy!

1. Complementary Themes

Pritzlaff Wedding Styling

Styling by Evenement / Floral by Milwaukee Flower Company / Photo by Andy Stenz.

We asked our friends at Evenement Planning to come up with a theme for the event and they blew it out of the park! The “Once Upon a Time” theme had two parts, with different areas of the event space styled to match.

The top photo is the “Cinderella” styling used on a tablescape. The bottom photo is a “Snow White” / “Maleficent” styling of a lounge area in a different part of the event space. Together they worked wonderfully and we loved the creative idea!

2. Live Trees!

Live Trees at a Pritzlaff Wedding

Live trees were brought in by Milwaukee Flower Company / Photo by Andy Stenz

Live trees at a wedding? Hell yeah! The event’s florist, Milwaukee Flower Company brought this idea to the table and we absolutely loved it!

The live trees added to the fairy tale, whimsical theme of the event. But the trees can work for several types of wedding themes – rustic, urban, modern, etc. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors, indoors.

3. Amazing Tablescapes

Unique Pitzlaff Wedding Tablescape

Tablescape styled by Evenement / Floral by Milwaukee Flower Company / Photo by Andy Stenz.

It’s amazing how a well-thought-out tablescape can add to your event. This “Cinderella” styled table was a focal point of the event.

Remember, you don’t need to style every table like this, but going all out for your head table, sweetheart table, and/or your welcome table can be an easy and budget-friendly way showcase your wedding’s theme.

4. Custom Cake and Dessert Bar

Wedding Cake and Desserts Milwaukee

Cake and desserts by Classy Girl Cupcakes / Photos by Andy Stenz.

Setting up your wedding cake along with a dessert bar is a very stylish and on-trend thing to do. Plus, it allows your guests to enjoy a few sweets before cutting open your beautifully designed wedding cake. We love this custom cake, which fits well with the “Once Upon a Time” theme, by Classy Girl Cupcakes.

The dessert bar was awesome too. Bite-size cupcakes made it easy for guests to try each flavor and walk the room with them.

5. Cranky Al’s Doughnuts

Cranky Al's Wedding Doughnuts

Yes, Cranky Al’s does wedding doughnuts! Photos by Andy Stenz.

Speaking of delicious wedding desserts we have to mention these doughnuts from Cranky Al’s. This Milwaukee/Tosa institution will bring some delicious treats to your wedding that you and your guests will love. We recommend their crullers – so good!!

6. Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flowers Pritzlaff Wedding

These hanging flowers looked stunning in the Pritzlaff. Floral by Milwaukee Flower Company / Photos by Andy Stenz

All we can say about these hanging flowers is “WOW.” Stunning creativity from the event’s florist, Milwaukee Flower Company.

7. Deliciously Unique Food

Pritzlaff Wedding Caterers

Delicious food, sourced locally by Tall Guy and A Grill and Smoke Shack Catering. Photos by Andy Stenz

Milwaukee has no shortage of fabulous food and your wedding shouldn’t be any different. The two caterers at this event – Tall Guy and a Grill and Smoke Shack – brought in some amazing food that’s all locally sourced and responsibly prepared.

Our recommendations – the meatballs from Tall Guy and the brisket sandwiches from Smoke Shack can’t be beat! They also would work great at your wedding and your guests will love you for adding them to your menu. Gone are the days of boring wedding food.

8. Custom Craft Cocktails

Custom craft cocktails make an awesome addition to any wedding. Photos by Andy Stenz

Custom craft cocktails make an awesome addition to any wedding. Photos by Andy Stenz

Having craft cocktails at your wedding is a classy thing to do and your guests will love it. We had two signature cocktails at this event – one from Bartenders on the Go and one directly from the Pritzlaff bar.

Work with your hired bartender or venue to come up with a unique concoction that means something to you, fits your theme, or both.

9. A Live Event Painter

Live Wedding Painter Milwaukee

Live event painter Natalie Leroy did a great job. Photos by Andy Stenz

Want to capture your wedding night in a unique way? A live event painter will do just that while providing a very cool conversation piece for your guests.

We had Natalie LeRoy do a “mini” live painting for our event and she did an amazing job! Plus we have a cool unique keepsake from our event. Imagine having a painting of your wedding day.

6. A Chill Lounge Area

Wedding Lounge Area at the Pritzlaff

A chill lounge area for your guests to relax. Styling by Evenement / Floral by Milwaukee Flower Company / Photos by Andy Stenz

This lounge area was styled by Evenement and fits with in the “Once Upon a Time” theme. Lounge areas like this will provide your guests with a chill spot to relax along with great eye candy.

3. Bride and Groom Chairs

Bride and Groom Wedding Chairs

These chairs make an awesome addition to any wedding. Photos by Andy Stenz.

We love seeing photos of bride and groom chairs like this. It adds to your wedding’s design, but also puts you on a pedestal – right where you should be! These bride and groom chairs can be rented from Evenement Planning.

13. Uplighting that Transforms the Room

Wedding Uplights Milwaukee

These uplights by Double Platinum transformed the Pritzlaff. Photos by Andy Stenz.

Seriously, don’t do your wedding without uplighting! It makes such a difference in the look and feel of the room it’s amazing. It will also make your reception photos look even better!

At this Pritzlaff event, Double Platinum was our DJ and uplighting provider and they did an amazing job. 70 uplights were installed and really did transform the space. If you want a little more, check out a lighted dance floor, custom image/text projections, string lighting and more.

A final thought is to be sure to hire a fabulous Milwaukee wedding photographer to permanently capture all of the cool things you dream up for your wedding. 🙂 Thanks to Andy Stenz, we have some great photos of our past event.