A Trimborn Farm Wedding is Perfect for the Creative Bride

Trimborn Farm Wedding

Looking for a barn wedding? Trimborn Farm might be your spot

If you’re the creative, DIY type then a Trimborn Farm wedding might be right up your alley. In fact, the best weddings at Trimborn Farm are put on by the type of bride who will come in and envision their own creative uses of the space. And if you envision it right, your Trimborn Farm wedding will be awesome!

About Trimborn Farm

Trimborn Farm is owned by Milwaukee County and managed by the fine folks at the Milwaukee County Historical Society. The farm is located in Greenfield, Wisconsin, spans 7.5 acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Trimborn Farm Barn Wedding

The barn at Trimborn Farm is used for weddings and receptions

The barn and surrounding area are where most weddings and receptions take place. The barn is a Civil War-era structure built by German immigrants. The grounds also include several other structures that can be used for your event, including lime kilns (great for pictures) and an 1850’s farmhouse (great for getting ready pre-wedding).

Trimborn Farm Wedding Grounds

The Trimborn Farm grounds have various areas and structures you can use for your wedding

Trimborn Farm Weddings

Trimborn Farm holds 120 for a wedding/reception in the barn. You can, however, expand that to 200 guests by using the outdoor space and/or renting a tent. The barn has large doors that open on both sides and the surrounding field works great for a tent.

Trimborn Farm Ceremony

This couple had their ceremony in front of the lime kilns, which also is a great spot for pictures

Many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony outside, and then use the barn for their reception. You are free to choose an area of the grounds to have your ceremony at. Our best advice is to take a tour so you can walk around and envision your wedding in the space.

Trimborn Farm Barn Wedding

There’s many options to decorate the Trimborn Farm barn

You are welcome to decorate the barn and/or the grounds. No candles are allowed, but they’ve had some very cool uses of lights strung across the field to make a spectacular space. The farm also has 14 tables and 140 chairs that are complimentary with your rental.

Your Creativity is King

One of the best things about having your wedding at Trimborn Farm is using your creativity to make the space yours. Now it is a barn/farm, so expect rustic. But if you’re the DIY type, then you shouldn’t have a problem making the space your own.

Trimborn Farm Wedding

Use your creativity and DIY skills to make your Trimborn Farm wedding awesome

The couple featured in this Trimborn Farm wedding did all kinds of creative things. From their decorations in the barn, to lawn games, to an awesome directional sign, the sky really is the limit. Even their cake fit the rustic theme (props to Eat Cake for the cool design).

Trimborn Farm Wedding Games

This Trimborn Farm wedding featured many creative and unique touches

Things to Keep In Mind for a Farm/Barn Wedding

These points all apply to Trimborn Farm, but should be considered for any Wisconsin barn wedding. Things will be a little different than your typical venue, but with some planning you can prepare for a spectacular event.

No Air Conditioning
First off, there is no air conditioning. Depending on the heat and humidity of your wedding day, you’ll want to dress accordingly and let your guests and bridal party know this as well. Remember too that high heels typically don’t work well in wet or muddy lawn.

No Amplified Music or Hard-Liquor
Trimborn Farm closes at 10pm and they don’t allow amplified music. So if you’re thinking of having a wild dance party in the woods, this isn’t the place for you. Also, hard-liquor isn’t allowed on the grounds, but wine and beer is OK to bring in.

You can use a caterer of your choice, but there is no kitchen for them to use so they must bring in all of their own equipment. Most caterers set up in the stables or the farmhouse.

There is ample, free parking on the grounds and it’s up to you designate your parking lot. Remember, you might need signs and/or someone directing your guests where to park.

Bathrooms and Electricity
There are two unisex bathrooms available for your guests’ use. The barn has several electrical outlets that can be used for lighting, food warmers, etc.

Learn More

Obviously a barn wedding isn’t for everyone. But for those of you that like the rustic, DIY aspect, Trimborn Farm is an awesome choice. To learn more, visit the Trimborn Farm website.

This couple did a lot of really cool things for their wedding. So much, that we couldn’t cover them all here. If you’d like to learn a little more about their wedding check out this Offbeat Bride article.

Special thanks to Amarie Photography for the beautiful images used in this article.

Trimborn Farm Wedding Couple

The happy couple after their Trimborn Farm wedding



  1. Dolores umbridge says:

    Well, I must say, this looks like it must have been QUITE the wedding, and what a BEAUTIFUL couple. Ah if only all of your youth were as creative and free spirited as these two.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I had my wedding reception here last September 2012 and it is an amazing venue if you are looking for something a little more rustic but without having to go out into the middle of nowhere

  3. Just did a tour here, definitely a beautiful venue! Very authentic and close to Milwaukee. Just an FYI – I was told that the chairs (except for the benches) and tables are NOT included for wedding rentals.