Unique Wedding Programs – The Album Factory

Wedding Program Cover - The Album Factory

The Album Factory creates very unique wedding programs for as low as $2.20 each.

Have you ever been to a wedding and remembered the wedding ceremony program? Yeah, most of the time they are pretty bland. Enter The Album Factory, a Milwaukee company that creates the most unique and creative wedding programs you’ve ever seen. They do so many cool things I’m bursting to talk about them!

Wedding Programs – What’s Inside

Wedding programs generally consist of the basics – the cover, the order of service, wedding party listing, and maybe directions to the reception. The Album Factory can incorporate these aspects and so much more. Here’s the lowdown on what you might find in one of these unique wedding programs:

1. Wedding Program Front Cover

The cover of your wedding program is your guest’s intro to what’s inside. Many couples opt for the basic stock image, but not The Album Factory.

Each program cover is custom designed to showcase the personality of the couple. Love your dog, have them on the cover. The high fashion, yet simple approach immediately begs for your guests to see what’s inside.

Wedding program cover

The Album Factory custom designs each unique wedding program cover to match the couple’s personality.

2. Table of Contents

The table of contents, while not completely necessary, is a great way to make your program stand out. It gives it a “magazine” look and people will browse it with anticipation of the contents.

Wedding Program - Table of Contents

The Album Factory lays out your wedding program to be a unique and ultra sleek magazine, defined by the table of contents.

3. Your Story

While many of your guests will know a few facts about you and your fiance, telling your full story, including some interesting and lesser-known facts is a great way to help your guests feel more engaged in your day. After all, they are there to celebrate your love, why not let them know the inside scoop?

Wedding Program - Couple's Story

The wedding program is a great way to tell your story to your guests.

While not pictured here, another unique idea you can add onto your Album Factory wedding program is a timeline of events from your relationship. Your first date, your first baseball game, your engagement can all be incorporated into your wedding program.

4. The Ceremony

While the ceremony is the main attraction of your big day, and the reason you have a party afterwards, let’s be honest, your love as a couple is what makes your wedding day special. This couple decided to focus on their commitment to each other and their relationships with their loved ones and gave a high-level overview of their ceremony.

Wedding Program - Ceremony

A unique and succinct way to lay out the ceremony for your guests.

5. Your Wedding Party

One of the first things I do when looking through a wedding program is to look at who’s in the wedding party. I find it interesting to see how the supporting cast is connected to the bride and groom.

The Album Factory takes it to a whole other level by incorporating not only pictures, but the story behind the people you care about most.

Wedding Program Bridesmaids

Make your wedding program tell the story of those closest to you.

Weddings are more than just the couple getting married. Good marriages are built on your love for each other. But great marriages are supported by loved ones and family. What better way to thank your bridal party by including a little tidbit of their story and what makes them special to you.

Wedding Program Groomsmen

The Album Factory does an amazing job at including pictures and detail of the wedding party.

6. The Reception

Including the reception detail can be important, in particular if your ceremony is at a different location than the reception. Give your guests something to look forward to and throw a few details of your reception and the fun that lies ahead.

Wedding Program - Reception

Including reception details including directions, time and fun highlights can add to your guest’s anticipation of your day.

7. Thank You

Many couples choose to include a thank you to the people that made the day possible. From parents, other family, friends and other guests, each person in attendance adds to the awesomeness of your day. Your program is a great way to thank everyone for coming.

Wedding Program - Thank You

Incorporate a thank you to your guests for taking part in your special day.

The Creative Details – How it Works

The Album Factory has created such a fun, unique way to design your wedding programs. Check out their website and you’ll see how simple it is – you choose a theme, submit your text and photos and they’ll do the rest. If you have some other creative ideas in mind don’t be afraid to bring it up. They are there to make your wedding program as unique as you are!

As if they couldn’t get any cooler, a portion of each wedding program’s purchase is donated to two nonprofits chosen by James and Kevin of The Album Factory. Rock for Kids and The National Park Foundation are two great organizations supported by The Album Factory. Check out their website for more info on their unique wedding programs: www.thealbumfactory.com.