Average Cost of a Milwaukee Wedding

Milwaukee Wedding CostsWhat’s the average cost of a Milwaukee wedding? We get this question all the time, and the vendors we work with get it too. The answer really depends on you, your style and your budget.

To help you plan your budget, we wanted to share a great resource we came across on Twitter recently. The website, CostOfWedding.com breaks down the cost of a Milwaukee wedding, allowing you to set your budget before you go and talk to vendors.
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Rohr Jewelers – Engagement Ring

When I decided to pop the question to my lovely wife, I hit up a few jewelers in Milwaukee looking for the perfect wedding ring. How lucky I was to find Rohr Jewelers on Jefferson Street right across from Cathedral Square Park. As a newbie at buying wedding rings, they were very helpful, explaining the cut and clarity of the diamonds and types of metal.

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