A DIY Wedding at the Milwaukee Public Museum for $16K

Milwaukee Public Museum Wedding

This wedding at the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Marsupial Bridge cost $16,000.
All photos by Ellagraph Studios

This couple wanted a wedding that represented them – and the Milwaukee Public Museum, combined with some do-it-yourself (DIY) aspects fit them perfectly. For just over $16,000, this couple enjoyed all the details of their day without too much wedding-related stress. [Read more…]

The Cost Breakdown of a $13K Milwaukee Wedding

Milwaukee Wedding Costs

Learn how this Milwaukee couple spent $13,000 on their wedding.
All photos by KB Image Photography

This is a fun wedding – not only were the bride and groom extremely creative with their planning, but they were creative with their budgeting. They used a combination of DIY, bartering and help from friends/family to keep their budget just under $13,000.
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A Trimborn Farm Wedding is Perfect for the Creative Bride

Trimborn Farm Wedding

Looking for a barn wedding? Trimborn Farm might be your spot

If you’re the creative, DIY type then a Trimborn Farm wedding might be right up your alley. In fact, the best weddings at Trimborn Farm are put on by the type of bride who will come in and envision their own creative uses of the space. And if you envision it right, your Trimborn Farm wedding will be awesome!
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DIY Wedding Flowers from Milwaukee’s Belle Fiori

DIY Wedding Flowers - Belle Fiori

Simple and pretty DIY centerpiece
(Photo by Lisa Mathewson Photography)

There are many things to consider if you are debating creating your own fresh flowers for your wedding. Even the initial decisions of ordering the correct number of flowers to the receipt and storage of the flowers prior to the design phase can be overwhelming. Luckily, one of the top florist in town, Belle Fiori, takes care of all these initial DIY logistics for you. [Read more…]

Budget Bridal Tip – Roses at Rehearsal = Petals for your Wedding Day

Wedding Rose Petals

Rose petals can be a very versatile, simple addition to your wedding. From carpeting the aisle, sprinkling them on your cake table or incorporating them into your table centerpieces, they can add a splash of color as well as a simple elegance to the otherwise blank canvas of table linens.

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Score! DIY Wedding Decoration – TJMaxx

Check out this deal I picked up from TJMaxx. Martha Stewart Crafts – tissue paper pom pom kit. Makes 4 smaller / 3 larger beautiful, fluffy pom poms all for $4.99. They are listed on the Martha Stewart site for almost $19! I bought both of the ones they had at the Grand Avenue location in downtown Milwaukee, but TJMaxx usually has the same type of inventory throughout their locations in the area. (I bought vases for my wedding centerpieces by going to various locations).

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Wedding Thank You Cards – Personalized Photos

I’ve used Walgreens for ordering photo cards on numerous occasions.  This would be a great option for personalized thank you cards.  They have options to create cards that you could write a personalized note in, or simple photo cards that would have a general message that would be the same for everyone.

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Jenga Guest Book Idea – Awesome!

Check out this awesome idea for a game themed guest book.  Using Jenga game pieces, people sign / write a note on each piece (or each side of the piece depending on your guest list) and you have a personalized Jenga game for years to come.

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DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Here’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create a centerpiece for your wedding reception tables. Everything was bought locally in Milwaukee and it’s pretty easy to put together.

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Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

Update April 2013: We’ve found a great way to get great DIY Wedding Flowers from Milwaukee’s Belle Fiori. Check out the article and their awesome service!

Last month, I undertook a most fortuitous task. I did my own wedding flowers. You see, I live in a rural part of the country and was having a wedding far from the city lights and most florists. I did locate a city florist willing to drive 3 hours to setup my wedding flowers for my special day, but 2 weeks before the actual event, my florist called to tell me the florist business was being closed due to the poor economic environment and needed to cancel our arrangement. I then frantically tried locating another florist but to no avail.

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