Truly Local Wedding Flowers by Milwaukee’s Stems Cut Flowers

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Beautiful, Local Wedding Flowers by Milwaukee’s Stems Cut Flowers

Many brides are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly when planning their wedding. Other brides have a passion for keeping their money local.

It’s a huge bonus when you can do both and get gorgeous results in the process.

Not only does Stems Cut Flowers utilize eco-friendly methods but they grow their flowers locally here in Southeastern Wisconsin. All this so you can have the green wedding of your dreams that supports local!

About Stems Cut Flowers

Stems Cut Flowers was started by Emily Watson in 2008 and specializes in green weddings and other events using seasonal flowers.

Emily went to school for conservation and land use and comes from a family of growers in the Southeastern Wisconsin region. This background helps her grow gorgeous flowers and plants using sustainable growing practices without harmful chemicals and pesticides.

You may have also seen her at the Tosa Farmers Market and Outpost Foods this past summer. She even has a floral CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that she offers during the floral season.

Stems has some amazing pieces – check out some of these beautiful images to see for yourself. As you look at them, it’s amazing to imagine these pieces were grown in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Wedding Flowers Stems

Milwaukee Wedding Flowers by Stems. Photos by Janel Maples Photography

The Stems Difference

One thing to remember when using Stems is that your flowers will generally be based on what is in season and grown in Wisconsin.

Some favorite flowers used in her pieces are sunflowers, peonies and lilacs. Just thinking about it makes me think of the sweet fragrant lilacs and peonies – is it Spring yet?

Stems Cut Wedding Flowers Milwaukee

Wedding Flowers by Stems. Photos by Friends in Photography

Emily can order items from a wholesaler if there is a special flower that isn’t grown by her. However, the selection of flowers that she produces is pretty amazing and most of her brides don’t need this option.

Emily also has a great collection of vases, mason jars and other items that pair perfectly with her pieces.

Buy Local Milwaukee!

One of the great things about planning a wedding is there are so many opportunities to support locally-owned businesses. It’s something we at Married In Milwaukee are very passionate about. When you purchase your wedding flowers from Stems, you take it a step further.

Because Emily grows her own flowers, you are also buying something that was grown right here in Wisconsin, versus ordered from an out-of-state wholesale grower. This way you know that all of your money is staying local, which I think is pretty cool!

Learn more about Stems Cut Flowers and contact them via their website:

Stems Wedding Flowers

An Assortment of Wedding Flowers by Stems