Evolution Milwaukee – A Unique Third Ward Wedding Venue

Evolution Milwaukee Wedding

Check out Evolution Milwaukee for a unique Third Ward Wedding venue

July 16, 2014 – Article updated to reflect name change from SPiN to Evolution

If you know about Evolution Milwaukee (formerly SPiN), you’ve likely thought of it as a cool, hip, ping pong hall to hang with friends or co-workers. But if you’re looking for a unique wedding spot in the Third Ward, Evolution Milwaukee just might fit the bill.

Evolution Milwaukee is a “ping pong social club,” with several ping pong tables set up throughout the venue. However, once you look past the tables you’ll see they can put on some spectacular weddings in their trendy Third Ward space. Once the tables are removed (or re-purposed), you’ll be left with a warehouse-like space with tons of possibilities.

An Evolution Milwaukee Wedding – How it Works

You can book Evolution Milwaukee for a wedding any night of the week – including Fridays and Saturdays. Once booked, they will close for your private event. The ping pong tables take up a majority of the space, and Evolution will remove them for you, or you can use them as dining tables.

Evolution Milwaukee Wedding Third Ward

A wedding reception set up at Evolution Milwaukee in the Third Ward

Evolution will seat up to 300 people, and will work with you and coordinate with a rental company to bring in tables, chairs and linens. You’ll work with Evolution’s chef for catering your wedding. We’re told that they will develop any types of dishes, from sit-down to buffet.

Unique Features of the Evolution Space

Above and beyond the cool “warehouse” feel, the Evolution space has some other unique features. Their color-changing lights can be set on one color, or programmed to change throughout the night. The images featured in this article show some of the different colors in action. Evolution also has several flat screen TVs throughout their space. These can be used to broadcast a video or photo slide show throughout your event.

Spin Milwaukee's Space

Above: Evolution’s VIP rooms; Below: Evolution’s main bar and lounge area

The Evolution space is huge, and includes two bars for your guests to enjoy. The staff can help you section the space for smaller weddings as well. There’s also several areas outside of the main space that you can use for different parts of your wedding.

Additional Rooms and Nearby Parking

For example, they have an area with lounge seating and two VIP rooms that can be put to different uses. The VIP space can be a great kids area or can serve as a cocktail lounge featuring your signature drink of the night.

The main bar area also has several high top tables you can use, and works great for the cocktail hour before your reception. If you’re looking for a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower space, Evolution can accommodate that too.

Beyond the many cool things you can do with the Evolution space for your wedding, they are also located directly next to a parking structure for the convenience of your guests.

Evolution is definitely more than just a wedding location for the ping pong enthusiast, it’s a great blank canvas type space in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Check out Evolution Milwaukee‘s website for more info.