Cost Breakdown: A South Shore Pavilion Wedding for $19K

South Shore Pavilion Milwaukee Wedding cost

This awesome couple spent $19K on their wedding at South Shore Pavilion. || All photos by Taylor Loy Photography

For this couple, they wanted everything about their wedding to reflect their personalities, as well as treat their guests to a good time! They used Married In Milwaukee and our wedding cost breakdown articles throughout their wedding planning and we are so excited they decided to “pay it forward” and showcase their wedding with us. Thank you Annelise and Jordan!

The bride and groom couldn’t be happier with their choice of South Shore Pavilion, a beautiful historic building that is part of the Milwaukee County Parks. And with some thrifty spending decisions and help from friends, they were able to pull of an amazing wedding for $19,000.

MIM Family Vendors Used

As always, we were excited to hear they used a couple Married In Milwaukee Family Members including Tall Guy and a Grill for some amazing food and The Iron Horse Hotel for their hotel suite.

Wedding Quick Facts:

  • Guests: 145
  • Ceremony: St. Pius X, Wauwatosa, WI
  • Reception: South Shore Pavilion
  • Total Costs: $19,277
South Shore Pavilion Wedding Cost

This awesome couple got married at South Shore Pavilion at South Shore Park in Bay View! || Photos by Taylor Loy Photography

Wedding Essentials ($3,910):

  • Invitations: $92
  • Desserts: $558 (free cutting cake from family)
  • Photographer: $1,800
  • Wedding Coordinator: $140 (family friend)
  • Videographer: $800
  • Flowers: $520 (3 bridesmaids bouquets, bride bouquet, centerpieces, 3 corsages & 4 boutonnieres )
South Shore Pavilion Wedding Costs

This couple spent $520 on a small number of floral pieces and $558 on a yummy dessert bar. || Photos by Taylor Loy Photography

Reception and Ceremony Costs ($11,086):

  • Ceremony: $120 (piano player)
  • Reception: $2,884
  • Food: $5,836
  • Late Night Pizza / Misc. Decor: $296
  • Drinks: $980 (SoulBoxer premixed signature drink; 2 beer kegs; mixers and soda)
  • Officiant: $0 (via church)
  • DJ: $970
  • South Shore Pavilion Wedding Venue

    The venue cost this couple $2,884 and food cost $5,836. || Photos by Taylor Loy Photography

    Attire, Jewelry and Beauty ($3,361):

    • Dress: $1,400
    • Bride’s Shoes: $90
    • Groom’s Attire: $396 (included with groomsmen rental)
    • Rings: $1,215
    • Hair and Make-up: $260
    milwaukee south shore park pavilion wedding

    The brides dress cost $1,400 and her day of makeup was $260. The groom’s suit and tie cost $396. || Photos by Taylor Loy Photography

    Other Costs ($3,698):

    • Transportation: $350
    • Wedding Party Gifts: $210 (custom wine glasses, robes jewelry)
    • Wedding Favors: none
    • Hotel Suite: $310
    • Rehearsal Dinner: gift from groom’s parents
    • Honeymoon: $2,266 (not included in total)
    South Shore Pavilion Wedding Costs in Milwaukee

    What a fun wedding and what cute personalized accents! || Photo by Taylor Loy Photography

    A Note from the Bride and Groom

    We asked the bride and groom to tell us about their planning and budgeting process, and this is what they had to say:

    Help from Married In Milwaukee:
    As soon as he proposed, I was constantly checking out Married in Milwaukee for venues and vendors. I am probably the most frugal person I know, so being able to see cost breakdowns in the area put my money-anxiousness at ease. I didn’t have an exact budget from the start, but I knew a rough idea of how much things cost and how to be really savvy with my money because of the breakdowns. I was so excited when we were told we got to be featured!

    The Venue:
    The one thing that was important to us was that the wedding showed “Jordan and Annelise”, and it really did. We wanted to make sure all of our guests had a great time, so a good location, party atmosphere, good food, and free-flowing alcohol were the things I was not willing to budge on. I struggled to find a venue, even after scouring Married in Milwaukee, but when we finally found South Shore (I had previously passed it off because it was a park… BIG MISTAKE), I fell in love. I made Jordan spend many weekends at the beer garden with me so I could peak into the reception space.

    The Food:
    I knew I wanted Tall Guy and a Grill from the start, probably even before we got engaged. I had seen their menu options and photos all over and knew I had to have them. They seemed affordable and had excellent reviews, and from the first time we had our consultation with Veronica I knew without a doubt that they would be perfect, and they were absolutely perfect.

    In the end, it was the perfect representation of who we are as a couple. We danced to Space Jam, our cake toppers were clay figures I made to represent our cat and dog, Bella and Remi, we had wedding version mad-libs at each table, and got to party all night.

    – The Bride and Groom

    A BIG thanks to the bride and groom for sharing their awesome South Shore Pavilion wedding and to Taylor Loy Photography for the photos!

    If you’re currently working on your wedding budget, make sure to read through our previous articles featuring real Milwaukee wedding cost breakdowns.

    South Shore Pavilion Milwaukee Wedding Budget

    Congrats to the Bride and Groom! || Photo by Taylor Loy Photography