Real #MKECouples Share Their Best Relationship Advice

Marriage Advice

Milwaukee Couples share what makes their relationship work! || Photo by Janviere Photography

We asked Milwaukee couples to share with us what makes their relationship work! From newlyweds, high school sweethearts and a couple celebrating their 42 year wedding anniversary, man did we get some really amazing advice!

These awesome couples said marrying your best friend, being adventurous, supporting each others dreams and enjoying the the little daily moments in life as the keys to their successful relationships. We couldn’t agree more!

Thanks so much to everyone that submitted! Check out what they had to say!

1. Marry the Person You Can’t Imagine Life Without

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Emily and Jesse
Together (off and on) 13 Years / Married 11 Months

“Marry the person you can’t imagine life without; rely on each other, but maintain individuality; communicate; and above all else, have fun together!” — Emily and Jesse

2. You Keep Me Wild, I’ll Keep You Safe

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Jordan and Kiri
Together 19 Years / Married 2 Weeks

“We realize that we are two different people with our own personalities. Instead of trying to change each other, we live by the motto “You keep me wild, I’ll keep you safe.” We continue to do fun things together, expand our comfort zones, and continue to enjoy the little things together. Enjoy each other every day!!” — Jordan and Kiri

3. Learn to Grow as a Couple

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Sam and Kristy
Celebrated 10 years together this July / celebrated 2 years married this September

“Being together for a decade we have had to learn to grow as a couple but also not lose ourselves as individuals. Being 16 when we started dating we were very different people than we are now. We are still happy because we respect each other enough to make each new stage of life (high school, college, careers, home ownership, the list goes on) work not only for us the couple but for the us as people. Ten years down and a beautiful life to go!” — Sam and Kristy

4. Do Interesting Things

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Casey and Dunn
friends for 8 years / together for 4 years / married 2 years

“Our motto: Do more interesting things. We always make it a priority to go on adventures, try new hobbies together, and explore outside our comfort zones. Building those memories together keeps us strong, and it’s easy when you know there’s someone who’s always got your back.” — Casey and Dunn

5. Make Each Other Laugh at Least Once a Day

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Lauren and Bill
Together 7 1/2 years / married for 3 weeks

“Don’t take things too seriously and make sure to make each other laugh at least once a day. This is coming from 2 people who have done stand up comedy though. Laughter is how we both get out of a lot of things.”Lauren and Bill

6. Always Communicate with Civility

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Michelle and Bradley
Been together 5 years / Getting married in 1 year

“1) Do not go to bed angry. 2) Always communicate with civility. 3) Overuse I love you.” — Michelle and Bradley

7. Never Stifle Each Other From Chasing Their Dreams

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Josh and Dana
Together 3.5 years / Getting married in May

1) Always be adventurous, curious, and ambitious. 2) Listen to each other’s words, especially during a disagreement. 3) Respect and celebrate your differences (and similarities of course). 4) Take time away from each other, but always be present together. 5) Never stifle each other from chasing their dreams. 6) Never forget why you fell in love. When we met, I was leaving the country, and he wanted to come with. Everyone thought we were crazy, but there was a feeling in our guts (or hearts, lol!) that said it was right. And here we are, feeling just as awestruck today as then!!” — Josh and Dana

8. Never Stop Being Each Other’s Best Friend

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Mitch and Lyndsey
High school sweethearts; Together 10 years; Married 3 months
Photo by Better Together Photography

“1) Never stop being each other’s best friend. Marrying your soul mate and best friend is the most fulfilling feeling in the world. 2) Show your appreciation for one another. 3) Never stop growing together and stay open minded with all the changes life can bring. 4) Laughter can cure all – don’t take life so seriously, my favorite thing is being able to make my husband laugh. 5) Don’t forget to put them first – this is the love of your life, always make decisions with their best interest at heart. 6) Most importantly – love unconditionally.” — Mitch and Lyndsey

9. The More You Laugh, the Easier it is to Love and be Loved

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Andy and Sara
Together 6 years / Engaged in August / Getting married in May

“The more you laugh, at yourself, at each other, with each other, the easier it is to love and be loved. Find something to laugh at together everyday and never wear out the words I love you.” — Andy and Sara

10. Love Hard and Deeply

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Dan and Katie
Together 5 Years / Married for 1 Week

“Love hard and deeply! And don’t forget to take time to laugh together.” — Dan and Katie

11. Snuggle

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Miranda and Adam (dressed as Bonnie & Clyde)
Together for 16 years / Married for 10

“1) Always communicate your feelings. 2) Get to know each other as you change through the years. 3) Make time for each other. 4) Love each other when you don’t like each other. 5) Never give up. 6) Snuggle.” – Miranda and Adam

12. We Can Work Through Anything Together

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Sandy and Eric
Together 3.5 years / Getting married in April
(Photo by Janviere Photography)

“Marry someone who is your true best friend and life partner. Eric is always the first person I turn to in good and bad times and I know we can work through anything together.” — Sandy and Eric

13. Life is Better with Your BFF

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Sarah and Billy
Together for 4 / Married for 1 year & 1 week

Best friends is key! Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is better with your BFF!” — Sarah and Billy

14. Trust and Respect Each Other

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Lauren and Jon
Together 10 Years / Married 2.5 Months
Photo by Happy Gnome Photography

“We keep our relationship strong by continuing to be each other’s best friends. We also trust and respect each other and always work to communicate with one another.” — Lauren and Jon

15. Invest in Each Other’s Dreams

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Michael and Laura
4 Years Together / Getting Married in MKE November 4th

“Invest in each other’s dreams. When your passions become their passions you begin to build a foundation upon each other that strengthens your love and acknowledgement for one another.” — Michael and Laura

16. Communicate About Everything

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James and Sarah
Together 5 Years / Married 2 Months

“Communicate about everything. Even the hard stuff, the embarrassing stuff, or when you are wrong. And always find time for each other.” — James and Sarah

17. Be There to “Bring Them Up” When the Path Gets Rough

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Rebekkah and Bryan
Together 6.5 years / Not married yet but the big day is happening in July!

“Enjoy every moment you spend together, even if it just watching your favorite show together. Teamwork: if you work well together and can eventually come together on decisions you can accomplish a lot. Also be supportive of each other’s goals and be there to “bring them up” when the path to goals gets rough. Don’t let life get too serious, keep being goofy and dorky.” — Rebekkah and Bryan

18. We’re Still Best Friends

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Travis and Lea
Together 7 years / Just Celebrated our First Anniversary!
Photo by Fotografy by Ricki

“We were friends before we started dating and we’re still best friends I think that’s what has made our relationship so strong!” — Travis and Lea

19. Seeing Our Relationship as a Living Thing that Will Grow

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Nate and Amanda
Together 7 years / Married 5 Days
Photo by Reminisce Studio

“There are three main things that keep us going strong: 1) Sharing time, experiences, and laughter with each other. 2) Gratitude. Finding a person who complements you and treats you with kindness is a gift that is not to be taken for granted. We thank each other a lot. 3) Seeing our relationship as a living thing that will grow and change and requires nurturing.” — Nate and Amanda

20. Enjoy the Simple Moments Together

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Brad and Michelle
Together for 4 years / Engaged for 1

We cherish the nights where we can enjoy dinner and a movie at home with a comfy blanket. Those simple times are great to just relax and enjoy each other’s company! We respect one another and show gratitude for what we do for one another.” — Brad and Michelle

21. Be Each Other’s Biggest Fan

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Matt and Steph
Married for 10 years

“Grow with each other, be each other’s biggest fan and never let each other give up on your dreams, no matter how crazy. It will make for an adventurous & unforgettable life.” — Matt and Steph

22. Enjoy the Little Things

Nicole and Kristin
We just had our fifth wedding anniversary / together 8 years
Photo by JBe Photography

“We try not to take ourselves too seriously and enjoy the little things (which is all you can hope for when you have year and a half twins!).” — Nicole and Kristin

23. Experience the Journey with Your Best Friend

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Lateria & Tim
Together 7 Years / Married for 3 Months

“Marry your BESTFRIEND…this person is your life partner and was put on the earth to experience this journey with you…” — Lateria and Tim

24. Communication, Trust and Laughter

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Monique and Deb
10 Years Together / 1 Year Married
Photo by Happy Gnome Photography

“Communication, trust and laughter are our priorities in our relationship and no matter how crazy or busy life gets, to always make time for each other.” — Monique and Deb

25. Never Stop Acting Like Teenagers in Love

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Shellie and Larry
Major #relationshipgoals. High school sweethearts married since 1975 – 42 years and counting!

“Marry your best friend and never stop acting like teenagers in love.” — Shellie and Larry (submitted by their daughter Tegan)

26. Say I Love You Every Night

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Mike and Amy
Together 2.5 years / Married 2 weeks
Photo by Happy Gnome Photography

“Say I love you every night. Trust and always be respectful of what each other wants, listen to each other. Laughter is also one of the biggest keys and helps you get thru rough times” — Mike and Amy

27. Be Love

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Nick and Lucia
Together 19 Years / Married 15 Years

“I am from Ecuador he is from MKE. Advice after going through honeymoons, separation, fostering kids, raising kids, and being from different worlds….. be love, don’t wait until you “feel”. Love is an action, not a feeling.” — Nick and Lucia

28. Laughter is the Key to Happiness

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Tegan and Jeremiah
We’re high school sweethearts who’ve been together for 14 years. We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary three days before the birth of our daughter.

Laughter is the key to happiness and a healthy relationship. Add in some amazing date nights, family time, and time to pursue individual interests.” — Tegan and Jeremiah

29. Always be Their Biggest Cheerleader

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Jesse and Lynsey
Together for almost 9 years / Just Celebrated 1 year Wedding Anniversary

“Always be their biggest cheerleader. Talk about your dreams and decisions and obstacles that you may encounter throughout your journey. Be kind. Listen. Be considerate. Always kiss and say I love you before bed and when you wake up, even if you may have had a rough situation that day.” — Jesse and Lynsey

30. Make Time to Do Things in Common

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Phil and Dana
Together 5+ years / Married for almost 1 year (anniversary next month!)

“We make time to do things that we have in common- concerts, baseball games, traveling!” — Phil and Dana

31. Always be Equal Partners

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Aaron and Torri
Together for 5 years / Married for 1 year

“Be respectful and loving towards your spouse. Always be their equal partner. We each get one life to live, and they chose to spend theirs with you.” — Aaron and Torri

32. Earn Your Partner’s Friendship and Trust

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Carolyn and Matthew
Married just over two months (June 24), together for 11 years — high school sweethearts!

“Smile, laugh, have fun. Growing older shouldn’t mean losing your spark for life and love. It’s so important to listen to one another, and never let each other forget that you love unconditionally. Be kind and thoughtful! Wake up eager to be the best version of yourself, earn your partner’s friendship and trust. Always make sure you’re working to grow together, not apart. Be each other’s light and laughter!” — Carolyn and Matthew

33. Make Time to be a Couple

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Heather and Mike
Married for 7 years / Together for 15 years

“We have two awesome, young boys and work hard at trying to make time to be a couple and not only mom and dad. We always find laughter in even the most ridiculously challenging situations and are great partners.” — Heather and Mike

34. Do things your Partner is Passionate About

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Together 6 Years / Married 3 Months

“We strive to always try to do things the other person is passionate about – even if we may not be crazy about it! And falling in love every day.” — Cassandra and Quinn

35. Be Kind. Be Respectful.

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Jim and Amber
Married just over two weeks and together for 6 years.

“Be kind. Be respectful. With those two things, it’s all we need. The rest builds on that.” — Jim and Amber

36. Communication is Key!

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Steven and Yadira
We’ve been together 5 years and just got married September 3, 2017

“Communication is key! We talk to each other about everything.” — Steven and Yadira

37. Find the Humor

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Jeff and Amy
Together 14 years / Married 12 years

“Always try to find the humor. Laughing together is so important!” — Jeff and Amy

38. Date Nights and Make Ups

relationship advice

Nicki and Bobby
Together 22 years / Married 18 years

“You have to have a weekly date night.” [Bobby] “Also, we argue and make up…that’s SUPER important. Date nights and make ups = 4 kiddos, a loving relationship, and many smiles.” [Nicki] — Nicki and Bobby

39. Hold Each Other Accountable in Love

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Emily and Craig
19 years of being each other’s person (“breaks” not included) / 7 years married
Photo by Ticklebugs Photography

“When you realize you or your partner is evolving, know that’s good. Be patient with each other’s journeys. Show up with as much emotional generosity as you can muster in any given moment. Help each other and hold each other accountable in love. When you feel like you’ve got nothing left to give, or no more help to offer, believe in your partner and trust in your marriage. Be good to yourself and be good to one another.” — Emily and Craig

40. Enjoy Netflix and Chillin’ for the Rest of Your Lives

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Johnny and Desiree
Together 15 years / 5 years married

“1) Marry your best friend. BFF’s don’t get divorced. Enjoy Netflix and chillin’ for the rest of your lives. 2) Financial stress is one of the top ten relationship killers. Avoid debt, unless it’s a mortgage. 3) You are partners. You are a team. You are equals. #Feminism.” — Johnny and Desiree

41. Go on Adventures Together

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Jen and Tim
Married 5 years

“The secret of a happy marriage: never stop going on adventures together!” — Jen and Tim

42. Have Each Other’s Backs

Karen and Brian
Together almost 6 years

“What keeps us together is that we can and do talk to each other about anything. Even when we disagree we can talk through respectfully. We always know we are a team and we have each other’s backs. Plus he’s awfully darn cute.” — Karen and Brian

43. Deep Love is Found in the Day-to-Day

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Kyle and Lisa
Together 7 years / Married 5 months

“Deep love is found in the day-to-day… in the brief moment you stare into each other’s eyes over coffee in the morning or the hug that lasts a few seconds longer when you walk in the door from work. It’s about loving and appreciating each other through your daily routine and celebrating those special date nights and weekend get-aways like it’s your first date.” — Kyle and Lisa

44. Two People, Working at It, Every Day

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Nicole and Joshua
Together 17 Years / Married 14 Years

“There’s no secret or magic — it takes two people, willing to work at it, every day. Oh–and lots of laughter.” — Nicole and Joshua

45. Grow Together


Greg and Angela (hey, that’s us!)
Together 16 Years / Married 11 Years
Photo by Lottie Lillian Photography

“Muhammad Ali once said: “A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” Life changes you. You will not be the same person or same couple you were when you first met and that is an amazing thing! It is a blessing to know that even as time passes, we continue to grow as individuals and as partners in life.” — Angela and Greg

Thank you so much to all the couples who submitted for this feature! What an honor to tell your story of love and relationships.

Peace & Love Y’All
— Angela & Greg