A Real Milwaukee Wedding Budget: What You’ll Get for $25K

Real Milwaukee Wedding Budget

Melissa and Arnold Spent About $25K on their Wedding. Photo by KB Image Photography.

One of the questions a lot of brides ask is “how much will my wedding cost?” We’ve tried to answer as best we could with articles detailing the average cost of Milwaukee weddings, but these are just averages and change based on the wedding. To help Milwaukee brides with their budgets, we are starting to feature real Milwaukee weddings along with their real wedding budgets.

The following wedding was sent to us by Melissa Lemke. Melissa says that her and her hubby took a very minimal approach to their wedding, planning it in only five months, and booked only the things that where important to them. Even with their minimal approach, their wedding costs added up quickly, approaching a total budget of $25,000. However, Melissa says it was worth every penny they spent and guests complemented her on a “simple, yet elegant” wedding.

Quick Facts:

  • Number of Guests: 150
  • Ceremony: Gesu Parish
  • Reception: Wisconsin Country Club
  • Total Costs: $23,391+

Wedding Essentials ($4,865):

  • Flowers: $505 (4 bouquets, cake flowers, 11 corsages, 14 boutonnieres)
  • Invitations: $450 (save the dates and invitations)
  • Wedding Cake: $500
  • Photographer: $3,410
Milwaukee Wedding Reception Budget

Melissa and Arnold Enjoying their Reception. Photo by KB Image Photography.

Reception Costs ($10,345):

  • Drinks: $2,316 (Open cocktail hour and free beer/wine all night)
  • Food: $4,327 (Appetizers, chicken dinner, cake cutting fee, late night pizza)
  • Venue Valet, Shuttle, Coat Check: $300 + $240 + $64
  • Venue Service Charge: $1,348 (19%)
  • Venue Tax: $500
  • DJ: $1,250

Attire, Jewelry and Beauty ($4,220):

  • Dress Alterations: $380 (alterations to grandmother’s dress)
  • Veil: $75
  • Vintage Faux Mink Wrap for Bride: $40
  • Shoes and Snow Boots: $100
  • Bride’s Jewelry/Accessories: $175
  • Bride and Groom Wedding Bands: $2,500
  • Hair for Bride and Maid of Honor: $200
  • Makeup for Bride and Maid of Honor: $150
  • Mani/Pedi for Bride and Maid of Honor: $200
  • Groom and Best Man Attire: $400 (shirts, vests and ties)
Milwaukee Wedding Dress Budget

Melissa Used her Grandmother's Dress, Only Paying for Alterations. Photos by KB Image Photography.

Transportation ($850):

  • Guest End of Night Shuttle: $150
  • Shuttles from Hotel to Ceremony/Reception: $300
  • Wedding Party Limo: $400 (4 hours)

Other Costs ($3,310):

  • Rehearsal Dinner and Venue: $1,200
  • Brunch for Hotel Guests: $800
  • Pre-marital Prep Class: $120
  • Church Fee, Officiant Donation, Unity Candle, Pew Bows: $600
  • Guest Book: $40
  • Gifts for Maid of Honor/Best Man: $200
  • Favors for Guests: $300
  • Copying Church Programs and Paper: $50

As you see, your wedding costs can add up quickly. Make sure to think about the things that are important to you and that will give you and your guests lasting memories of your big day. Special thanks to KB Image Photography for supplying the awesome images in this article!