Ramhorn Farm – Wisconsin’s Most Exclusive Barn Venue

Ramhorn Farm Wisconsin Barn Wedding Venue

Ramhorn Farm – Wisconsin’s most exclusive barn wedding venue.
Photo by Boutique Photographer / Dress – Bliss Bridal / Groomswear – Harleys for Men

Barn weddings are a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing. While each barn has its own appeal, and being in Wisconsin there are a few, you’ve likely never experienced something like Ramhorn Farm. Ramhorn is piece of Southeast Wisconsin history located just 30 minutes north of Milwaukee.

About Ramhorn, Its Owners and History

This space and venue is drawing international appeal, and rightfully so. Ramhorn is more than a farm – it’s a collection of southeast Wisconsin buildings from the early to mid 1800’s. Each structure was carefully moved to the property, rebuilt and given new life together as Ramhorn Farm.

Before we dive in, check out this awesome video from Sikora Film Co. featuring Ramhorn’s amazing spaces and the owners talking about what they have built from the ground up over the past 10 years.

We were lucky enough to do a photo shoot at Ramhorn Farm (view image gallery). As you can see the shoot turned out amazing and we have several wedding vendors to thank – check them out here.

The Many Spaces of Ramhorn Farm

When renting Ramhorn, the various areas of the beautiful property are available for your use. From the 1850’s German homestead, to their meticulously curated gardens full of Wisconsin indigenous flowers and plants, the place is yours to have your dream event.

You also get to work through one of Milwaukee’s top event experts, Evenement Planning, to secure the space. Evenement staff will remain on-site for your event to ensure everything is perfect.

Ramhorn Farm Barn - Wisconsin Farm Event Space

When renting Ramhorn Farm for your event, you have exclusive access to the property’s spaces on your wedding day. Photo by Boutique Photographer

The Ramhorn Residence

The owners Scott, Matt and their three chocolate labs live on the property as they tend to its immaculate upkeep. Having the owners this dedicated ensures that the property will be in pristine condition for your wedding day.

Ramhorn Farm - Wisconsin barn wedding venue

Matt and Scott have created a historical destination in Ramhorn Farm.
Photo by Boutique Photographer

The main house is their residence and is a compilation of buildings that they’ve sourced from various locations throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Timber by timber, they have relocated the pieces, and reassembled them on this gorgeous property located just north of Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Barn Wedding Venue

The Ramhorn Farm residence is a beautiful space with many photo opportunities.
Photo by Boutique Photographer / Dress – Bliss Bridal / Groomswear – Harleys for Men

The home’s interior is a perfect place to get ready before your wedding. The beautifully decorated living area is full of antiques that the owners have acquired from all over the world. There are multiple rooms so there’s no problem keeping the bride and groom separate, yet comfortable, prior to the ceremony.

Ramhorn - Milwaukee barn wedding venue

The Ramhorn Farm is a beautiful, cozy space to get ready in.
Photos by Boutique Photographer / Dress – Bliss Bridal / Groomswear – Harleys for Men

The Ramhorn Courtyard

Surrounded by various 1850’s era German architecture buildings, wildflowers, and even a chicken coop, the Ramhorn Courtyard is a perfect space for a romantic ceremony.

Milwaukee Barn Wedding Venue

The Ramhorn Courtyard is a beautiful space for a romantic ceremony and 100 antique chairs are available for your use. Photo by Boutique Photographer

Ramhorn Farm has many antique pieces the owners have found over the years that can also be incorporated into your wedding. They have 100 one-of-a-kind antique chairs available for use in your ceremony.

Add in some of the many other unique accents – such as wagons, dinnerware and wildflowers – and you’ll have a spectacular setting for your event.

Ramhorn Farm - Milwaukee Barn Wedding Venue

Ramhorn Farm has an extensive collection of accents onsite to incorporate into your wedding.
Photo by Boutique Photographer / Styling – Evenement

The Ramhorn Field

Ramhorn is situated on 125 acres of land that has been transformed to a secluded respite of old world Wisconsin beauty. Wildflowers and other plants native to the area have been cultivated by the owners using environmentally sustainable practices.

Ramhorn Farm - Milwaukee Wedding Barn Venue

Ramhorn Farms is situated on 125 acres of land allowing for an extensive amount of photo ops.
Photo by Boutique Photographer

For weddings with over 100 guests, the field at Ramhorn would be a perfect space for a large tent to be installed and used for your reception. There is a barn available as an event space that holds a max of 100 people.

The Ramhorn Barn

The Ramhorn Barn is an amazing space that has so many beautiful accents to incorporate in your day.

Ramhorn Farm - Wisconsin Barn Event Space

The Ramhorn Barn can accommodate 100 or less for seated dinner.
Photo by Boutique Photographer / Dress – Bliss Bridal / Groomswear – Harleys for Men

The barn is perfect for an intimate dinner and seats 100 or less. If you are looking to host a larger group for dinner, a tent in the Ramhorn Field is an excellent choice. Use of the antique chairs is also a great option.

The barn is also perfect for set up of a bar, rustic lounge or entertaining area. The options are endless and the onsite accents fit perfectly with the venue.

Ramhorn - Barn Event Space - Milwaukee Wisconsin

The Ramhorn Barn has so many historic accents making it a great space for entertaining.
Photo by Boutique Photographer / Styling – Evenement

Ramhorn Farm – Things To Consider

The owners of Ramhorn have poured their heart and soul into the creation of this property over the past 10 years. They have decided to open this space to those who want to experience all the historic details it has to offer, but keep the following in mind when considering Ramhorn:

  • Parking is currently not available onsite as to not interrupt with the natural aspects of the property. Guest shuttles are recommended and would be an additional cost.
  • For dinner parties larger than 100 people, it is suggested to rent a tent.
  • Ramhorn is on the higher-end for venue rental costs, but well worth it. We don’t know of another venue with this architecture, character and unique space in Wisconsin.
  • As the Event Site Manager, Evenement staff will be there to assist you with the logistics of Ramhorn to help your day go smoothly.
Milwaukee Barn Wedding Venue

One of Ramhorn’s meticulously curated garden spaces.
Photo by Boutique Photographer

View the Full Ramhorn Farm Gallery

Ramhorn Farm is such an amazing place, we couldn’t capture it all in this article. Check out this gallery of images by Boutique Photographer to get a more in-depth view of Ramhorn Farm.
Ramhorn Farm Photo Gallery

Vendors Used in the Ramhorn Photoshoot

The amazing images and video used in this article were made possible by a long list of awesome Milwaukee wedding vendors. Check them out below and definitely consider them when planning your Milwaukee wedding:

For more info on renting Ramhorn, contact Janelle Mayer-Brown at Evenement at (262) 617-8826 or via their website.