Married In Milwaukee’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2016

Our most popular articles of 2016! Photo by: Nikki Winter Photography at the Iron Horse Hotel

Our most popular articles of 2016! Photo by: Nikki Winter Photography at the Iron Horse Hotel

Wow, 2016 was one great year for weddings and we had an amazing time covering it! We put out new articles weekly, but these ten really struck a cord with Milwaukee couples.

So enjoy our most popular Milwaukee wedding articles of 2016 – we can’t wait to bring you more amazing content in the New Year! And just click here to see what was hot in 2015 and 2014.

1. Pabst Sign Photos

Pabst Wedding PhotosBeer + Milwaukee + Weddings = AWESOME! And that’s why this Pabst Sign wedding photo article took the top spot for 2016. Photo by Little Giant Photography.

2. Creative Engagement Photos

Milwaukee Engagement PhotosNot being under the time-crunch of your wedding day can create some amazingly creative shots, as you’ll see in this article. And we just love seeing engagement photos taken all over the city! Photo by Studio 29 Photography.

3. Nonprofit Venues

Nonprofit Wedding Venues in MilwaukeeVenue articles are always a big hit with our audience, and this one listing nonprofit venues was no exception. Photo by Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam.

4. Unique Milwaukee Wedding Photos

wedding photo ideas milwaukeeCouples are always looking for amazing wedding photo ideas – and that’s why this article took off like it did. We love that it featured shots from all over the city – so cool! Photo by Champagne Studios.

5. Walker’s Point Venues

Walkers Point Wedding Venues MilwaukeeVenues are hugely popular with Milwaukee couples, but add in one of Milwaukee’s hottest neighborhoods and it’s off the hook! This Walker’s Point wedding venues article reached thousands of couples looking to have their big day in this hot hood. Photo by The Paper Elephant.

6. A $30K Pritzlaff Wedding

Pritzlaff Wedding CostThe Pritzlaff is one of the most-popular wedding venues in town, which is why this Cost Breakdown at the Pritzlaff did so well. This couple had a great wedding there and did it for $30K! Photo by Andrea Ryerson Photography.

7. Hot Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding TrendsWho stays on top of the wedding trends in Milwaukee? Wedding planners, of course! We partnered up with Evenement Planning, to write this article and it was a huge hit. Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage.

8. A $27K Pabst Best Place Wedding

Best Place at Pabst Brewery WeddingAnother Cost Breakdown makes the list – this time at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. This wedding looks like it was a ton of fun and we were super excited to feature it! Photo by Little Giant Photography.

9. Wedding Dresses Available in Milwaukee

30 Milwaukee Wedding DressesFinding a wedding dress is a fun task that we wanted to help our #MKEBrides with. We did a big photo shoot for this wedding dress article and it turned out great! Photo by Front Room Photography.

10. A $54K Turner Hall Wedding

Turner Hall Wedding CostTurner Hall is one of our favorite venues, and we are so happy this Cost Breakdown made the list! Bonus point: This wedding had tons of MIM Family involved! Photo by Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam.