5 Amazing Neighborhood Venues that Rock Weddings

cafe hollander tosa-wedding

Celebrate your Milwaukee wedding in one of the city’s neighborhoods. Photo by Chelsey Bruns Photography

Looking for unique Milwaukee neighborhood wedding venues with great food and amazing beer? Our friends at The Lowlands Group can deliver!

Located in some of Milwaukee’s top neighborhoods, you’ll find venues spaces for all of your wedding events. Check out some of our recommendations below and thanks so much to Lowlands Group for sponsoring this article.

1. Cafe Centraal (Bay View)

If you frequent Bay View, you’ve likely visited Cafe Centraal, but many people aren’t aware they can host some amazingly unique intimate events.

Cafe Centraal offers their private Sun Room and outdoor Courtyard for wedding ceremonies and reception which works best for about 110 people. Lowlands Event Coordinators are available to help you put a non-traditional twist on your ceremony and reception, which we totally recommend!

Bay View Milwaukee Wedding

Open Cafe Centraal’s glass garage door for an indoor / outdoor ceremony that fits 90 or less. Bottom Left Photo: Rev Pop Inc. / Right and Top Photo: Robyn Vining

Using just the private Sun Room without the patio works great for rehearsal dinners. Being one of the larger restaurants in Bay View, hosting a rehearsal dinner at Cafe Centraal is perfect for the Bay View couple wanting to incorporate their Milwaukee ‘hood into their wedding weekend.

Bay View Milwaukee Rehearsal Dinner

The Sun Room at Cafe Centraal is a private space that works great for rehearsal dinners. Photos by Robyn Vining Photography / Floral by Bank of Memories


2. Cafe Hollander (Tosa Village)

Cafe Hollander is right in the heart of the quaint Wauwatosa Village and makes for a unique spot to have your wedding. Their private upstairs offers a unique space for a casual ceremony of up to 120 seated guests.

Cafe Hollander Wedding

Cafe Hollander in the Tosa Village has a great private space for a casual ceremony seating 120 guests. Photos by Carbon Copy Studios

Being one of the larger spaces available for use in the Tosa Village, Cafe Hollander is a great alternative for those getting married on the west side of the metro Milwaukee area. Their food and beverage minimums are reasonable and seating is available for 120 guests.

Cafe Hollander Wauwatosa Wedding

Cafe Hollander in Tosa seats 120 for a wedding reception. Top photos: Robyn Vining Photography / Bottom photo: Chelsey Bruns Photography


3. Cafe Bavaria (Tosa Village)

Directly across from Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa, is Cafe Bavaria, which also has a really great private space upstairs that seats 50 people. We love this space and you’ve just got to see it!

The seating is via communal and stammtisch tables (traditional German style long tables), which means it is great for wedding events such as bridal showers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, and day after brunches and gift openings.

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Locations

Cafe Bavaria in the Tosa Village seats 50 people in their upstairs space; perfect for a bridal shower, small rehearsal or day after brunch. Photos by Robyn Vining Photography

Due to Cafe Bavaria’s smaller space, their minimums are much less than the other Lowlands locations. While the menu has a German influence, it is quite universal. Also make sure to check out their delicious desserts like the hot pretzel bread pudding with vanilla custard, chocolate covered-pretzel caramel ice cream and bier caramel sauce!

Milwaukee Small Event Space Rental

Cafe Bavaria in the Tosa Village seats 50 people and is the perfect spot for a bridal shower or morning after brunch. Photos by Robyn Vining Photography


4. Cafe Benelux (Third Ward)

Cafe Benelux is definitely in high demand with its impressive rooftop patio right in the middle of one of Milwaukee’s hottest neighborhoods, the Third Ward. Because of this, it has limited availability for full patio rental and has higher minimums than the other spots mentioned. Insider tip: if you are looking for a Sunday afternoon spot, the minimum drops by more than half.

Milwaukee Wedding Ceremony Locations

Cafe Benelux’s rooftop overlooking the Third Ward is available for weddings including casual ceremonies of 120 or less. Photo by Robyn Vining Photography

Cafe Benelux also has options for semi private events within the restaurant. Availability depends heavily on the time of day and year of your event.

Milwaukee Small Event Rental

Cafe Benelux patio and restaurant are available for private and semi private events. Photos by Robyn Vining Photography


5. Bierklasse (Various Locations)

We wouldn’t be able to write this article without making mention of the Bierklasse. This is a fun class the Lowlands Group offers and is perfect for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Sample and learn about one of the best drinks on earth…beer.

Cafe Hollander Weddings

Check out The Lowland’s Group Bierklasse for some beer lessons and tastings. Top photo: Scott Starr / Bottom photo: Robyn Vining Photography / Floral by Bank of Memories


The Lowlands Group Details

As with all venues, restaurants and spaces, you should contact the Lowlands Group directly if you have specific questions about incorporating them into your wedding. But here are a few cool things to know about the Lowlands Group:

    • No Room Rental Fee – The Lowlands Group does not charge a room rental fee. Rather, they have food and drink minimums that vary based on location, day of the week, and time of day.
    • Includes the Details – The Lowlands Group provides chairs, food, beverage, staff, dinnerware and customized printables when meeting your food minimums.
    • Food Menu – The Lowlands Group allows you to create your wedding offerings directly from their restaurant menu. This allows you to come in anytime and taste test what you could serve at your wedding and enjoy a night out at the same time!
    • Kids Menu – The Lowlands Group has an amazing and reasonably priced kids menu.
    • The Beer – The Lowlands Group specializes in Belgian Biers, so you and your beer loving friends will enjoy the expansive options.
    • Event Coordinator – A Lowlands Event Coordinator will be there to help you with your decisions and answer any questions you have.

For more information on using one of the Lowlands Group spaces for your weddings, visit their website and contact their event coordinator.

Big thanks again to Robyn Vining Photography for the majority of the photos used in this article and to Bank of Memories & Flowers for the pretty floral arrangements featured in the spaces.



  1. Annie Frances says:

    I love the bright color that comes with the Cafe Centraal. I’m trying my plan my own wedding in Chicago and color is very important to me. I think a restaurant or meeting space with a pop of color like that would be great for my rehearsal dinner. Thanks for the ideas!