Milwaukee Wedding Photography Prices – What to Expect

Milwaukee Wedding Photography Costs

Award-Winning Photo by Front Room Photography

As you begin your search for wedding vendors, photography is a pretty important decision. You may wonder what Milwaukee wedding photography prices are. While prices and packages can vary, in this post we’ll help you determine what differentiates a $3,500 photographer from a $1,500 one and help you develop your photography budget with realistic expectations.

Point of Comparison

To create an even playing field, we established a baseline service package for a point of comparison. What’s included: one photographer, 8 hours, copies of your images on disk, and an engagement session. What’s not included: photo prints, wedding albums, special editing techniques, additional photographers (although a lot of high end photographers include an assistant with all of their packages), among other things.

One disclaimer to keep in mind, every photographer has their own way of developing wedding photography packages and pricing them. Special services can be an additional cost. Points of comparison are not always equal.

Check out the graph below for a summary of Milwaukee wedding photographer prices:

Milwaukee Wedding Photography PricesClick Image to Enlarge

High End Wedding Photographers ($2,700 – $3,700)

Higher end photographers will generally cost in the $2,700 – $3,700 range. When hiring a high end photographer, you should expect an experienced wedding professional that works hard to capture moments from each part of your day.

Often times they have shot hundreds of weddings during their career and can easily think on their feet for those unpredictable wedding moments. Something such as adjusting to lighting changes (picture a bright sunny day, a dimly lit elegant dinner, to an uplighted dance floor) can be quite challenging for beginning photographers. Experience and training  allow higher end photographers to adapt without a moment’s notice. The resulting photos from this tier one might consider works of art, and when put together tell the complete story of your wedding day through pictures.

Some examples of high end photographers in town include Front Room Photography, KB Image Photography and Boutique Photographer – Linda Gumieny. Check out some images from previous articles featuring Front Room and KB Image. Stay tuned for a future article on Boutique Photographer – Linda Gumieny.

Mid Tier Photographers ($1,500 – $2,500)

Mid tier photographers will generally cost in the $1,500 – $2,500 range. Now don’t let my above descriptions of high end photographers convince you that there aren’t any good mid tier wedding photographers out there. Some of these folks are really talented but just haven’t reached that point of “high end” yet either due to time in the field, level of experience and training, or their desired target market of wedding couples.

They may be an “up and comer” and you were lucky enough to discover them. Just be sure to do your homework and check out their previous work to see if you like it. Ask to see examples of a few weddings they’ve done and view them from beginning to end so you can check out their skills. This will allow you to see their ability to capture great images throughout the day versus just a few here and there.

Budget Wedding Photographers (Under $1,500)

Budget Wedding Photographers are generally under $1,500. While you should still be able to expect images capturing your day, there is less of a guarantee with the budget photographers and their skill level may result in simpler images. Adjusting to different lighting, adapting to sudden changes, capturing those subtle special moments at just the right angle throughout the day all come with time and experience that might not be quite developed for the budget photographer.

While not always the case, photographers at this level may be hobbyists or enthusiasts and photography isn’t their established career. It is critical to do your research with individual budget photographers to be sure they match your expectations.

Developing Your Expectations

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding photographer:

  • Wedding photos are one of those things that you will always have after your day is over. Cutting your photography budget can be risky if quality wedding photos are important to you.
  • Meet with your photographer before the wedding and research their work to get you comfortable with your anticipated results.
  • Do your research and look at previous weddings that were shot by your photographer.
  • Be open and honest when interviewing your photographer to be sure your expectations can be met.