The Average Cost of a Milwaukee Wedding is $30K

Average Cost for a Milwaukee Wedding

The average cost of a Milwaukee wedding is $30,000. Photo by Happy Gnome Photography

What’s the average cost of a Milwaukee wedding? After doing some digging through our own data, as well as data from other sources, we determined that the average cost of a Milwaukee wedding is $30,000 with an average guest count of 150.

About Our Data

We used two data sources to come up with the $30,000 average – Metro-Milwaukee statistics from and our own Cost Breakdown articles.

According to, the average cost of a wedding in the Metro-Milwaukee area in 2016 is $30,944. We also checked our popular Cost Breakdown articles for an average and came up with $29,607 and an average guest count of 150 (based on the last 30 articles).

Average Milwaukee Wedding Cost

Make your wedding as unique as you are. Photo at Anodyne Coffee by Laura Zastrow Photography

Remember, $30K is an Average

Does $30K seem a little high? Maybe a little low? No worries! We’ve seen amazing weddings for under $15,000, others right around $50,000, as well as over-the-top, extravagant ones for over $100,000.

The point is each wedding is unique and an expression of the couple planning it. Pick out the things that are most important to you and don’t worry too much about the things that aren’t.

Average Cost of a Wedding in Milwaukee

The size of your guest list can contribute to your wedding cost. Photo at Anodyne by Paper Elephant Photography

Here’s Where Your Money Will Go

By averaging out the data from our last 30 Cost Breakdown articles, we get an idea of average amount spent on each vendor category. By far, the largest amount is in the “Reception and Ceremony Costs” category.

Most of the time, this is the food and beverage cost – a wedding at the same venue, with all of the same touches will cost much more if there are 350 guests versus 150. Check out the averages below:

  • Wedding Essentials: $6,536 (invites, photographer, cake, flowers)
  • Reception and Ceremony Costs: $15,933 (venue, food, drinks, DJ, rentals)
  • Attire, Jewelry and Beauty: $4,226 (dress, tux, rings, hair, makeup)
  • Other Costs: $2,895 (rehearsal dinner, gifts, transportation, hotel)
Average Cost of a Milwaukee Wedding

The majority of most wedding budgets go toward the food and drinks. Photos at Turner Hall by Little Giant Photography

How to Make Your Wedding More Affordable

Our main advice on how to save money on your wedding is to limit your guest list. Much of your wedding cost is will go to food and beverage and if you have less guests, you’ll pay less.

However, limiting your guest list is easier said than done. Once you start adding up your friends and family, it will be hard to leave some of them out. At our wedding we had a rule – if we hadn’t talked to you in a year, you weren’t invited.

Advice on Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding is all about you, so spend money on the things that you and your significant other value the most. A great way to start this process is by looking through our Cost Breakdown articles.

Here you’ll see real wedding budgets from Milwaukee couples and get ideas for your own wedding. You’ll also see what each couple paid for their vendors, so it’s a great way to start your budgeting process. Best of luck with your planning!!

Average Wedding Cost

Photo at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery by Little Giant Photography