24 Reasons We’re Excited to See Future Weddings at The Domes

Milwaukee Domes

The Domes are back open — get out and visit them! Photo by Reminisce Studio by Miranda & Adam

About a year ago, Milwaukeeans were scrambling to understand how their beloved Milwaukee Domes could be closed forever! Well, good news… all three Domes are now open to the public , and ahead of schedule!Check out the County’s website for more info.

So if you love The Mitchell Park Domes, get out and visit them! Show your support of this Milwaukee treasure whose location further connects Milwaukee’s South Side to the Menomonee Valley, Three Bridges Park, The Urban Ecology Center and the beautiful 61 acre Mitchell Park complete with lagoon… seriously, the list goes on.

For now, enjoy these photos from past weddings at The Domes to give you some (literal) warm fuzzies.

1. A Trifecta of Beauty

Milwaukee DomesWith three domes, each with their own climate (Desert / Tropical / Temperate), it’s the perfect spot for a Milwaukee wedding anytime of year. Photo by Andy Stenz.

2. An Milwaukee Treasure

mitchell park domesThe Mitchell Park Domes are a Milwaukee treasure and have hosted hundreds of weddings over the years. Photo by Front Room Photography.

3. Outdoor Space at the Mitchell Park Domes

Mitchell Park Domes WeddingsOutdoor photos are a must when capturing your wedding day at The Domes. Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage.

4. Sweet Romance

Milwaukee Domes WeddingsSo many romantic photo spots exist at the Milwaukee Domes. Photo by Cream City Weddings.

5. Seriously Amazing Lighting

Milwaukee Domes LightingEnergy-efficient LED lighting was installed in 2008 and has been a City favorite ever since. Photo by Front Room Photography.

6. Indoor Waterfalls?!?

Milwaukee DomesPossibly the only indoor waterfall like it in Milwaukee! Photo by Reminisce Studio.

7. Three Humongous Skylights

Mitchel Park Horticultural ConservatoryNatural light at its finest; a photographer’s dream. Photo by Jadon Good.

8. Bringing the Outside, Inside

Mitchell Park DomesHard to believe this was taken indoors. Photo by Cream City Weddings.

9. Did We Mention the Lights?

The Domes LED LightingA LED light show indoors, among thousands of fresh flowers and plants? Sounds like a dream to me. Photo by Reminisce Studio.

10. Timeless Family Memories

The Domes WeddingSo many families have been joined together at the Domes throughout the years. Photo by Jadon Good.

11. The Pretty Colors

MIlwaukee DomesAmazing uplighting illuminating The Domes at night. Photo by Reminisce Studio.

12. A “Warm” Winter Wonderland

Winter Weddings MilwaukeeA winter wedding at Domes doesn’t feel like winter at all. Photo by Cream City Weddings.

13. A Horticultural Conservatory

ring photo bugThe Mitchell Park Domes is a place of education on plant life. With plants come the ecosystem of insects. Photo by Reminisce Studio.

14. Outdoor Night Photos Unlike Any Other

Outdoor Wedding Photos Domes MilwaukeeWith the backdrop of lighting the Domes provide, outdoor night shots are a must for couples getting married here. Photo by Front Room Photography.

15. Cactuses In Milwaukee?!

Cactus MilwaukeeThe only place in Milwaukee featuring desert plant life. Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage.

16. Kids Love The Domes

Kids Milwaukee DomesWe’re grateful we took our little guy to The Domes and can’t wait to take him again now that they are back open! Photo by Reminisce Studio.

17. An Outdoor, Yet Indoor Gazebo

Indoor Gazebo For WeddingsThe Domes’ outdoor, yet indoor gazebo has hosted hundreds of weddings over the years. Photo by Cream City Weddings.

18. A Full Moon Every Night

Arid Dome MilwaukeeThe Desert Dome has a lighted full moon for an amazing effect and just as gorgeous photos. Photo by Cream City Weddings.

19. Twinkling “Stars” Every Night

Mitchell Park DomesEven on the cloudiest of nights, the stars still shine bright at The Domes. Photo by Reminisce Studio.

20. More Outdoor Night Shots

Milwaukee Domes Night PhotosWhether The Domes are front and center or in the background, they add an element of magic to any photo. Photo by Jadon Good.

21. Did We Mention the Full Moon?

Milwaukee Domes WeddingsAnytime you can have a full moon in your photo, you grab it. 🙂 Photo by Cream City Weddings.

22. Seriously, the Flowers

TheDomes-ReminisceStudio-10Did you know flowers make for amazing photos?! Photo by Reminisce Studio.

23. Twilight at The Domes

The Domes MilwaukeeWith a dome of windows, you can experience the outside lighting at a consistent temperate climate year round in the “Show Dome.” Photo by Cream City Weddings.

24. Visit The Domes!

Milwaukee Domes. Boutique Photographer (5)Love The Domes as much as we do? Be sure to visit this Milwaukee icon and the surrounding Mitchell Park… you may just want to get married there. Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage.