Weddings at a Cultural Icon – The Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding

Want Something Different? A Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Will Deliver. Photo by Linda Gumieny

If you’re a bride that not only wants to be different, but also make a statement, take a look at the Milwaukee Art Museum as your venue.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is a cultural landmark, known worldwide for it’s unique architecture. In fact, the Museum hosts many international weddings of couples who have no connection to Milwaukee, but chose the space simply because of its iconic status and gorgeous architecture.

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding

Your Wedding at the Milwaukee Art Museum will be at a Cultural Icon. Photo by Linda Gumieny

But even as a Milwaukee bride, it’s almost guaranteed that many of your guests will have never been in a wedding location quite like it. Especially after you add your style to make the vibe your own.

Milwaukee Art Museum Weddings

Your wedding and reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum would most-likely take place in the Quadracci Pavilion’s Windhover Hall. You can combine the Pavilion with the Baumgartner Terrace for a stunning outdoor/indoor event.

Windhover Hall seats about 400, but if you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding the Museum has other spaces available.

Milwaukee Art Museum Weddings

You can combine the Pavilion with the Baumgartner Terrace for a stunning outdoor/indoor event. Photos by Linda Gumieny

The Art Museum won’t book any other events during your wedding – the building is yours from 5:30pm until Midnight. You’ll also have access to the Art Museum the entire day for pictures – and I’m sure you’ll want to take advantage of that!

Extras Included with Weddings

One very important extra you’ll get from the Art Museum is a a wedding coordinator. You’ll work with your wedding coordinator throughout the booking and planning process. They’ll even coordinate with your vendors and be there on your wedding day to make sure everything turns out perfect.

Burke Brise Soleil Weddings

The Art Museum’s Burke Brise Soleil will open and close for your Wedding. Photo by Linda Gumieny

One thing that makes the Art Museum iconic is the Burke Brise Soleil. You might of seen this winglike structure close and open at it’s regular hours. However, for your wedding, you can amaze your guests and arrange for the Burke Brise Soleil to move at your discretion – think of the wings expanding and closing as your guests arrive or after you say your vows. So cool!

The Art Museum supplies tables and chairs for over 400 guests, which is a huge plus since you won’t have to bring them in yourself (or pay for them).

You can even arrange to open parts of the Museum’s art collection so your guests can browse during the event. This is particularly cool for out-of-town guests who’ve never been to the Museum.

Every Art Museum Wedding is Different and Unique

The Milwaukee Art Museum does about forty weddings a year, and each one is different from the last. According to the Art Museum’s staff, many of their brides are “out-of-the-box” thinkers. And with a venue like this why wouldn’t you be?

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding

The Art Museum was the perfect backdrop for a fun South Beach vibe with vibrant colors. Photo by Linda Gumieny

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s large space, white interior and light-filled rooms make it the perfect backdrop for any vibe you can dream up. To help style your wedding, make sure to check out the Art Museum’s in-house uplighting service.

In-House Gourmet Catering and Beverage Service

The Art Museum’s in-house Café Calatrava can make your big day as extravagant and delicious as you want it to be. You can choose from their catering menu, or work with their Executive Chef Josh Stefanko to create your own menu. They also will provide full-bar services, so you don’t need to worry about arranging that  yourself.

The Museum also works with a few preferred caterers to expand menu options even further. Shully’s Cuisine (featured in the photo below) and Gracious Events were two they mentioned to us.

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Food

Both in-house and preferred catering options are available from the Art Museum. Photos by Linda Gumieny. Catering by Shully’s.

Make no mistake, a Milwaukee Art Museum wedding is on the higher end for venue rental costs. However, the building truly is an international cultural icon and well worth the investment. How great will it be to take your kids on a visit to the Museum and tell them that mommy and daddy tied the knot there?

Learn more about having your wedding at the Milwaukee Art Museum on the Museum’s weddings website.

Special thanks to Boutique Photographer – Linda Gumieny for the awesome photos in this article!

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding

The Happy Bride and Groom with their Wedding Party at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Photo by Linda Gumieny