6 Ways Milwaukee Airwaves Will Make Your Wedding Rock

Milwaukee Airwaves Wedding DJ

Learn how Milwaukee Airwaves will Rock Your Wedding. Photo by Uttke Photography & Design

You put a ton of time into planning your wedding – but when the big night arrives, how do you make sure it’s fun for you and all of your guests? A lot of it can really come down to your entertainment – and that’s where a professional DJ company like Milwaukee Airwaves comes in.

We’ve worked with Milwaukee Airwaves for years and have been to several of their events, and even used them at our own events, so we can easily say they are an amazing DJ company. Which is why we are so excited they sponsored this article and we get to talk about how fantastic they are! ūüėČ

Now read on to learn how hiring Milwaukee Airwaves as your wedding DJ and lighting provider will make your Milwaukee wedding rock.

1. It’s All About The Right Music

So why can’t you just fire up your Spotify playlist and rock out to it all night? It won’t work. A professional DJ will “feel” the crowd and curate your playlist on the spot, ensuring you and your guests are dancing all night.

Milwaukee Airwaves DJ

If you want your guests to dance, Milwaukee Airwaves will make it happen. Photo by Uttke Photography & Design

We’ve all been at weddings where the DJ plays the traditional/cliche wedding songs throughout the night – and it isn’t much fun at all!! And definitely something you don’t need to worry about with Milwaukee Airwaves.

Specifically, Milwaukee Airwaves likes to mix it up playing a lot of b-sides and songs you don’t normally hear a wedding DJ play. Love 88Nine Radio Milwaukee? Then you’ll love the music Milwaukee Airwaves plays.

Don’t worry though – they still play those dance tunes that even your grandparents will groove to. They’ll also work with you to integrate your favorite tunes¬†– so you’ll hear that song that you and your friends will remember dancing to for years to come.

Milwaukee Airwaves Wedding DJ and Lighting

Want your dance for packed like this? Hire Milwaukee Airwaves. Photo by Uttke Photography & Design

2. Wait, Maybe It’s Not All About the Music

Yep, the music is important, but it’s not the only thing your DJ does. A professional DJ will keep your wedding rolling along throughout the night by serving as your emcee and helping to troubleshoot any issues.

They will also work with the other vendors to ensure all planned aspects of the evening happen without a hitch. Think of them as your go-to guys for a perfect party so you can focus on having fun.

From the cocktail hour, the first dance, the final song, even alerting your guests to the best man and maid of honor speeches, they’ll take control of your event so you can enjoy your party.

MKE Airwaves Milwaukee Wedding DJ

Enjoy your party by letting Milwaukee Airwaves take control. Lighting curtain available from Milwaukee Airwaves. Photo by Studio 29 Photography

Weddings are big events¬†with a ton parts to manage – and a big part of Milwaukee Airwaves’ job is making these transitions seamless and and filling the gaps throughout the night. Your wedding is a party, and with a professional DJ running things you won’t have to worry about a thing.

3. Cool DJs That Enjoy It

A big part of your wedding experience will be the personality of the DJ. The cheesy, chicken-dance DJs aren’t what Milwaukee Airwaves is all about. Their DJs are all personable guys that take customer service (and customer fun) seriously.

Milwaukee Airwaves hand-selects their DJs to ensure they are polished, professional and of course, have great energy and great taste in music.

Every bride and groom will have the chance to meet with their DJ before the event so they feel comfortable going to him/her for whatever they might need throughout the night.

Milwaukee Airwaves DJ and Lighting

Milwaukee Airwaves has a team of amazing DJs. Photo by Front Room Photography

4. Amazing Uplighting Adds to the Vibe

We are huge fans of uplighting your venue, and Milwaukee Airwaves has several lighting options that can transform the look of your venue.

They offer package deals and a la carte options so you can go as bold or as understated as you like. But trust us, every event needs a little specialty lighting. Here’s each of the lighting options featured in the photos below:

  • Custom GOBO Lights
  • String Light Curtain
  • Edison Bulb Cafe Lights
  • Colored LED Venue Uplighting
Milwaukee Airwaves Uplighting

Milwaukee Airwaves GOBO lights, light curtain and venue uplighting. Top photo by Studio 29 Photography / Bottom two photos by Heather Cook Elliot Photography

5. Photobooth? Yes Please!

You hire a DJ to play music and get your party moving, and that should be your main priority. However, it’s great to get extras like uplighting or a photo booth. Milwaukee Airwaves can bring in their photo booth to help capture your friends and family in rare form.

Since they run it, you don’t have to worry about working with another company for payment, set up, etc. Their technology lets you pick custom backdrops, plenty of props and custom printouts so your guests leave with a fun and lasting memory of your special day.

Milwaukee Airwaves DJ

Your wedding is one big party so capture the craziness with a photo booth. Photo by Studio 29 Photography

6. Amazing Owners with Tons of Experience

Seriously though, Ramsey, the founder of Milwaukee Airwaves is one of our favorite people. Always positive, cool and on top of the latest trends, Ramsey and his amazing team of talented DJs will make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Ramsey and his business partner Tyler Curran have been working in the industry for over 20 years. And between the two of them, they’ve helped produce and execute thousands of weddings. They’ve seen just about every situation and help fix every little snafu without the bride and groom ever catching wind of it.

Milwaukee Airwaves Owner Ramsey Renno

Ramsey, the owner of Milwaukee Airwaves is a great guy and an amazing DJ. Top photo by Studio 29 Photography, Bottom photo by The Refinery

We’ve been to several weddings and events where Milwaukee Airwaves has been the DJ and MC and they never disappoint. So do yourself a favor and contact Milwaukee Airwaves to learn more about what they can do for you.

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