Vendor Spotlight: John Ciciora Photography

John Cicora Photography

Learn more about the talented John Ciciora Photography.
All photos by John Ciciora Photography

Our main job here at Married In Milwaukee is to connect engaged couples with wedding vendors. This is how our new “vendor spotlight” series was born. This spotlight was sponsored by and focuses on John Ciciora Photography.

We asked John a few questions about his business and his life. You can get to know more about John Ciciora Photography by reading this article, but you’ll really get to know him when you set up a meeting.

John Ciciora Photography

We love this shot at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
Photo by John Ciciora Photography

Why Do You Love Photographing Weddings?

I love people. People rock. Couples especially are awesome and photographing a wedding day is unlike anything else you’ll see. There are so many beautiful moments that happen without any prompting and I love being there to capture them.

John Ciciora Photography

John is great at capturing the love between couples.
Photo by John Ciciora Photography

What is the Average Investment Your Couples Make for Your Services?

Most couples spend an average of $3500.

What Type of Packages Do You Offer?

Every package I offer comes with:

  • Full digital usage rights
  • A custom wood USB drive with about 1000 images
  • An online gallery
  • A beautiful 6″x9″ leather album
John Ciciora Photography

John’s goal is to make you look like you always belong in a magazine without even trying.
Photo by John Ciciora Photography

Describe Your Photography Style:

I seek to always do what is best for my clients. Over the years, that has looked like different things, but the prevailing images are elegant, timeless, and flattering.

Clients often comment on how natural the images look that I create, even though I often have done a lot of work to create them. That’s my goal, to make you look like you always belong in a magazine without even trying.

John Ciciora Photography

John captures this beautiful bride perfectly.
Photo by John Ciciora Photography

What’s Your Favorite Milwaukee Wedding Venues?

  • Harley Davidson Museum
  • Hilton Milwaukee City Center
  • The Pfister
  • The Box Milwaukee
  • Hubbard Park
 John Ciciora Photography

John’s clients often comment on how natural his images look.
Photo by John Ciciora Photography

Favorite Milwaukee Eats and Drinks:

  • Tripel Karmeliet at a Lowlands Group restaurant
  • Gyros platter with cheese fries from Oakland Gyros
  • Anodyne Coffee

What do you love about Milwaukee?

I could say the typical things like summer, the big-city culture and atmosphere with small-city traffic, or numerous awesome restaurants. But really, my favorite thing about Milwaukee is the awesome wedding vendor community.

Married In Milwaukee has really helped foster an incredibly collaborative and creative space for artists/business-people like myself. As you work with vendors in Married In Milwaukee, you’ll find just how close we all are, and you’ll realize just how much of a benefit that is. I said it before, but brides and grooms in Milwaukee have some of the best options in the country.

John Ciciora Photography

Like John’s photos? Then consider contacting him for a meeting!
Photos by John Ciciora Photography

A Note From Married In Milwaukee:

One thing that differentiates your wedding photographer from many of your other vendors is that you’ll be with them your entire wedding day. This is why we recommend that you not only love the photography style of your photographer, but also like them as a person.

We’ve known John for a few years now and have to say we love his work and would love to spend a full day with him. 🙂 If you like John’s style, then please consider setting up a meeting to get to know him and his work a little more. We’d also encourage you to check him out on Facebook and read his reviews on other sites.

John Ciciora Photography

Another happy couple captured by John.
Photo by John Ciciora Photography