Unique Catering from IL MITO’s Chef Michael Feker

Chef Feker IL MITO

Chef Feker Puts the Final Touches on a Catering Event

How can wedding caterers differentiate themselves? One obvious way is to provide outstanding food. But another way is to provide outstanding food AND entertain you and your guests. If this sounds like fun, then you should check out Chef Michael Feker from Wauwatosa’s IL MITO for your wedding catering.

Chef Feker seems to be all over town these days – from his popular Italian restaurant, IL MITO, to his cooking school, to his television shows and appearances, you’ve probably seen or heard of him. However, what you might not know is that this celebrity chef offers unique wedding catering through IL MITO.

Chef Feker Entertains at your Wedding

IL MITO’s catering can differ from your standard “pick an option and we’ll make it happen.” The difference is that Chef Feker will come to  your wedding reception, interact with your guests and ensure that a great time is had by all.

Il MITO Wedding Catering

IL MITO’s Appitizers (Left) and Custom Menus (Right)

According to the Chef, he will get on the microphone, introduce courses and “paint a canvas” for your entire meal. He’ll also spend time talking with you and your significant other, as well as your guests.

If you’ve ever been to IL MITO, you’ve probably seen Chef Feker in the dining room talking with guests. You can expect the same passion and hospitality at your wedding.

Food Cooked With Passion

All entertaining aside, you want your food to be great. And it will, Chef Feker promises this. He truly has a desire to “feed people love,” and it is evident in his food. If you haven’t checked it out, definitely make a stop at their East Tosa location – you won’t be disappointed.

Il MITO Catering Entrees

Two of Chef Feker’s Entrees – Beef Short Ribs (Top) and Blackened Panga (Bottom)

Chef Feker can make many types of cuisine and practices “infusion, not confusion.” Say you like French food but your fiancé loves Latin flavors – no problem! A multiple course meal crafted by the Chef himself will allow for each ethnic flavor to be brought out in a course, yet still complement the courses before and after.

All the food is prepared fresh, and made from high-quality ingredients. The Chef has a passion for making your wedding’s food as perfect as it would be at his restaurant – no lukewarm or overcooked chicken here. The fact that he’ll be there doing the cooking backs up this point – he knows he is responsible for a perfect event and makes sure it happens.

You’ll Be A Guest At Your Own Wedding

The Chef will work with you and your fiancé not only on your food, but with other planning aspects too. Things like wine pairings, your event’s traffic flow and even helping find other vendors that will complement your event. According to Chef Feker, he wants to make it fun for you and make you a guest at your own wedding.

Chef Feker Catering

IL MITO Catering Setup (Top). Carpaccio (Bottom Left) and Linguine with Fresh Mussels (Bottom Right) Are Two Delicious Options

Chef Feker Works With Your Budget

When you first meet with Chef Feker, you’ll discuss budget and what areas are important to you. According the the Chef, “creativity doesn’t have a price” and he will make every attempt to work within your budget to make sure you are satisfied.

So if you’re not just looking for food, but for a unique “catering experience” make sure to contact IL MITO and talk with Chef Feker. Check out their catering website here and be sure to tell them that MarriedInMilwaukee.com sent you!