21 Secret Photo Spots at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding

The Harley-Davidson Museum is full of unique wedding photo spots! Photo by Front Room Photography

The Harley-Davidson Museum® is one of our favorite spots in Milwaukee, and not just because they have awesome wedding venues. The grounds of the Museum are stellar – not only for tourists, but for wedding and engagement photos.

The 20-acre site is a peninsula that sits just across the Menomonee River from Downtown Milwaukee. Native plants, a riverwalk and some amazing architecture make the Museum grounds spectacular.

A big thanks goes out to the Harley-Davidson Museum for sponsoring this article and in general being awesome. Now check out 21 unique wedding and engagement photos from the H-D Museum campus.

1. Outside of The Garage at Night

Harley Davidson Engagement PhotosWow! We love this engagement photo taken just outside the east side of the Garage building at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Photo by Robyn Vining Photography.


2. Patio Overlooking the Museum’s Campus

Harley Wedding This patio overlooks the Museum’s campus and is surrounded by cool Harley-Davidson signage. Photo by JBe Photography.


3. The Museum’s Riverwalk

The H-D Museum's Riverwalk. Photo by Andy Stenz PhotographyThe H-D Museum has water and a Riverwalk on all three sides of its grounds. Each area of the Riverwalk offers different photo opportunities – this photo was taken facing southeast. Photo by Andy Stenz Photography.


4. Overlooking the 6th Street Bridge

Harley Museum Patio WeddingA beautiful shot from the front lawn overlooking a Milwaukee landmark, the 6th Street Bridge. Photo by JBe Photography.


5. On the Front Lawn

Harley Museum Front Lawn SignThis photo incorporates the monumental Harley-Davidson sign on the front lawn of the Museum. Photo by John Ciciora Photography.


6. Founders Terrace

Harley-Davidson Museum Wedding PhotoA great photo taken in the Founders Terrace on the east side of the Museum building. We’ve seen some awesome wedding ceremonies here too! Photo by Robyn Vining Photography.

7. The City Skyline

Harley Davidson Museum City Skyline The H-D Museum is right across the river from Downtown Milwaukee, and there are so many opportunities to capture the city’s skyline in your photos. Photo by Front Room Photography.


8. Using the Museum’s Exposed Structural Beams

Harley-Davidson Museum Grooms This awesome shot is taken by the large “V” structural beams outside of MOTOR® Bar & Restaurant. Photo by Robyn Vining Photography.

9. Silhouettes by the Engines

Harley Davidson Museum Couple Silhouette We love this photo, taken in the Museum’s Engine Room. Photo by John Ciciora Photography.


10. Under the Exhaust

Harley Museum Wedding PhotoOne of the many motorcycle-inspired structures on the Museum grounds, located on the south side of The Garage building. Photo by Robyn Vining Photography.


11. On the Skywalk

Harley Museum Wedding Sky WalkThis photo is taken on the skywalk connecting two of the Museum’s buildings. Photo by Brian Slawson Photography.


12. Across the River with a View

Harley Davidson Museum River ViewWhile not actually on the Museum grounds, we love this shot taken just across the Menomonee River at the new Reed Street Yards space that shows the Museum in the background. Photo by Studio 29 Photography.


13. By the Rivet Wall

Harley Davidson Engagement PhotoA happy couple in their engagement photo by the Living the Legend™ Rivet Wall. Fun fact: These rivets are available for purchase and engraving with your custom message. Photo by Robyn Vining Photography.


14. A Walk Along the Grounds

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding PhotosJust walking along the grounds of the H-D Museum you’ll find awesome spots. This photo was taken on the west side of the Museum building. Photo by JBe Photography.


15. The Museum’s Second Floor Bike Gallery

Harley Davidson Wedding Photo For all of the amazing outdoor spots, don’t forget about the awesome photos you can get inside the Harley-Davidson Museum. This one is taken in the second floor bike gallery looking out on to the patio. Photo by Front Room Photography.


16. Among the Museum’s Native Plants

Harley Museum Wedding PrairieMuch of the Harley-Davidson Museum’s grounds are filled with native plants, which make for some great photos. This photo was taken on the east side Riverwalk facing northeast. Photo by John Ciciora Photography.


17. Monumental Signage

Harley Davidson Museum SignThis sign isn’t really a secret, but you’ll want to make sure your photographer captures some great shots using it. Photo by JBe Photography.


18. Through the V-Twin

Unique Harley-Davidson Engagement PhotoThis is through the “V-Twin” structural beams outside of MOTOR Bar & Restaurant. Photo by Robyn Vining Photography.


19. Inside the Museum

Harley Davidson WeddingThere are unlimited spots throughout the Museum for photos, and a creative photographer can help you find some gems. Photo by John Ciciora Photography.

20. The Industrial Structures

Harley Davidson Museum Engagement PhotoIndustrial structures are everywhere on the Museum’s grounds and can make for some fantastic photo opportunities. This photo was taken on the west side of the Museum building. Photo by Andy Stenz Photography.


21. In The Trees

Harley Davidson Museum Engagement PhotoCan you believe this is even at the Museum? It is! The Museum has beautiful willow trees on both the north and south sides of their campus. Photo by Brian Slawson Photography.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I am visiting the museum in the next couple of months. These pictures put it in a new light that I never expected. It makes me want to visit at night to be able to see the lit up skyline as well. Are these all pretty prominent places on the grounds?

    • Greg Quigley says:

      You’re welcome, Alex, we hope you have a great visit! Some of the locations we listed will be hard to find, others will be easy. The Museum grounds are pretty big, but it’s very fun just walking around them and taking in all the sights – truly an undiscovered treasure in Milwaukee!