22 Photos That Show Why H-D Museum Weddings Rock

Harley-Davidson Museum Wedding

Take a tour through some amazing Harley-Davidson Museum® wedding photos. Photo by Front Room Photography

There are some amazing things going on at the Harley-Davidson Museum® these days. From their awesome wedding venues to their amazing photo opportunities the place just rocks and we are so lucky to have it in Milwaukee.

A huge shout out to the H-D Museum for sponsoring this article and in general being awesome. The Museum’s campus is amazing as you can see in these photos, but it’s nothing like seeing it in person, so make sure to schedule a tour today!

Now enjoy these photos that show why Harley-Davidson Museum® wedding rock:

1. Architecture Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

Harley Davidson WeddingOne of the first things you notice about the Harley Museum’s grounds is its amazing architecture. Seriously, you won’t find anything like it in town and it makes for some amazing wedding and engagement photos. Photo by 414 Photography.

2. Amazing Venues to Choose From

Harley Wedding VenuesThe Harley-Davidson Museum® has four amazing wedding venues to choose from for your wedding. From the tent-like Chrome (top photo) to the industrial Garage (bottom photo), you’re sure find something you love. Photos by Janviere Photography.

3. On a Peninsula in Downtown Milwaukee!

Harley Davidson Museum WeddingsThe Harley-Davidson Museum® is located on a peninsula. And this is cool for a couple of reasons: First, it has water on three sides of its campus, which makes for amazing views and fantastic photos. Plus, if you really wanted to, you can kayak to your wedding 🙂 Photo by Brian Slawson Photography.

4. Parking (and not just for motorcycles)

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding ParkingIf you’re having your wedding in downtown Milwaukee, parking has probably crossed your mind. You won’t need to worry at the H-D Museum – they have tons of free (yes free) parking for your guests. Photo by Janviere Photography.

5. Mouth-Watering Food

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding CateringWe’ve been to several events at the Harley-Davidson Museum® and we always LOVE the food! The H-D Museum’s catering is done in-house and they can create some awesome packages and options. Top photo by Gloss Photography Studios, bottom photos by Nikki Winter Photography.

6. The Museum (and the amazing photo opps)

Harley-Davidson Museum WeddingOne of the great things about weddings at the Harley-Davidson Museum® is, well, the Museum itself. If you have your wedding there, all of your guests get free tickets to the Museum. In addition, the Museum has a gift shop, a bar and a restaurant, not to mention the amazing grounds that you and your guests can enjoy. Photos by 414 Photography.

7.The Riverwalk!

Harley Museum RiverwalkThe entire H-D Museum is surrounded by an awesome riverwalk. This not only makes for some amazing wedding photos, but it gives you and your guests a great opportunity to get some air, take a walk and take in the beautiful Museum campus and spectacular Milwaukee views. Photo by Brian Slawson Photography.

8. Beautiful Outdoor Ceremonies

Harley Davidson Museum Outdoor Ceremony The Harley-Davidson Musuem® is located on a 20 acre peninsula in Downtown Milwaukee, so their outdoor ceremonies rock! Space for 450 and city views add to the stunning ceremony options. Photos by Nikki Winter Photography.

9. And Beautiful Indoor Ceremonies Too

Harley Museum Wedding CeremonyLet’s face it, we are in Wisconsin so having indoor ceremony options is a must. The Museum delivers, with several indoor spots. We really love ceremonies in Rumble – do it in front of the windows for a view of the river and downtown’s skyline. Photo by Front Room Photography.

10. Native Plants and Trees

Harley Davidson Musuem Wedding PhotoWhen Harley-Davidson® developed the Museum, they made the smart decision to fill the peninsula with several native plants and trees. Seriously, there are parts of the campus that you’d think you’re in the country, which makes for amazing photos and experiences. Photo by Tres Jolie Photo.

11. The Rivet Wall

Harley Davidson Wedding Rivet WallThe Rivet Wall at the Museum was put in place to honor the long living Harley-Davidson® brand and company. You can buy a customized rivet on the wall as a very unique and cool memento of your wedding at the Harley-Davidson Museum®. Photo by 414 Photography.

12. An American Icon

Harley Davidson Musuem WeddingHarley-Davidson® is one of the biggest brands in the world and definitely an American icon. And when you have your wedding at a defining spot like the H-D Museum, your wedding becomes that much more iconic and memorable for you and your guests. Photo by Front Room Photography.

13. There’s Always a Party

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding Reception It’s a given that your wedding will be a party – and every venue at the H-D Museum is perfectly set up to dance the night away. But the cool thing is you and your guests will be among travelers from all over the world visiting the Museum, so the party can extend to your new friends too. Photos by Janviere Photography.

14. Historical Significance

Harley Davidson Original ShackThe history behind Harley-Davidson® can’t be ignored, and at the Museum you’ll find tons of it. You and your guests can get your history fix inside the Museum as well as on the grounds where this replica of the first Harley-Davidson® factory stands. Photo by Brian Slawson Photography.

15. In The Middle of the City

Harley Davidson Museum WeddingWe always say, at the Harley-Davidson Museum® you’re in the middle of the city but can feel like you’re a thousand miles away from it. This photo by Front Room Photography illustrates this point perfectly.

16. Yes, You Get a Harley-Davidson® for Your Event

Harley WeddingIf your wedding is at the H-D Museum, then it makes sense that you should get a motorcycle (not to keep, mind you). Host your wedding in Rumble, the Garage or Chrome and there will be two Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for photos of you and your guests. Yes, they want you to hop on for pictures! Photo by Tres Jolie Photo.