10 Things You Didn’t Know About Weddings at the H-D Museum

Harley Davidson Museum Weddings

There’s a lot to learn about weddings at the H-D Museum. Photo by Amarie Photography

Shhh, we have a secret – The Harley-Davidson Museum® is a huge asset to not only our city, but also to our weddings. Four venues await Milwaukee couples who are looking to have a unique and iconic experience unlike any other in town.

A huge shout out to our friends at the Harley-Davidson Museum for being awesome and sponsoring this article. Read on to learn some unique things about the Harley-Davidson Museum and how they can make your wedding legendary.

1. A Seriously Amazing Campus

We’ll just say it – the H-D Museum is badass. Located right off the Sixth Street Bridge the 20-acre site sits just across the Menomonee River from Downtown Milwaukee.

Harley Davidson Museum Weddings

The 20-acre campus at the H-D Museum is amazing! Photo by Amarie Photography

The campus is made up of several different buildings with awe-inspiring architecture and beautiful outdoor spaces. In fact, many parts of the campus look more like they are in a country prairie rather than the heart of the city. This makes for some amazing photo opportunities and ceremony spots.

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding

The H-D Museum’s campus is a beautiful homage to one of the world’s most iconic brands. Photo by Tres Jolie Photo

2. Four Beautiful Venues to Choose From

Check out this article for more info about the wedding venues at the Harley-Davidson Museum. But just know that there are four beautiful spaces that have capacities between 200-450 guests. They can also accommodate your rehearsal dinners and bridal showers in MOTOR.

Harley Davidson Museum Wedding Venues

Top: Chrome, photo by Janviere Photography / Middle: Rumble and The Garage, photos by Boutique Photographer / Bottom: MOTOR.

3. Book Early or You Might Have to Wait 5 Years!

Two of the H-D Museum’s venues have limited opportunities to use. The Garage, in particular, is only booked for weddings every five years due to Museum exhibits. But if you get in, the space is amazing and your wedding will be totally unique. Bonus – 2018 is the next year they are offering it!

The Garage Harley Museum Wedding

The Garage is only available for weddings every five years! Photos by Janviere Photography.

A little easier to book, but still limited, the tent-like Chrome is only open 180 days of the year. We love the Chrome space and would say it’s the largest and most unique tented space in town. Get a jump on booking and contact the Museum to get your date!

Harley Chrome Wedding

Harley’s Chrome space is open 180 days out of the year. Photo by Janviere Photography

4. Free H-D Museum Admission for Your Guests

The H-D Museum is one of Milwaukee’s top tourist destinations and your guests get FREE admission to this Milwaukee icon. Make it a pre-wedding event, maybe something for your guests to do in between your ceremony and reception, or they can receive vouchers for future use. They’ll love it!

Harley Museum Wedding Visit

You and your guests will get free admission to the H-D Museum. Photo by Amarie Photography

5. Yes, Your Wedding will be on a Peninsula

A peninsula in Downtown Milwaukee? Yep, and the H-D Museum has made use of this unique location by planting native grass and trees, as well as building an awesome Riverwalk.

The 20-acre property also has amazing views of Downtown Milwaukee, the Third Ward and Walker’s Point. See some of these views via the Museum’s virtual tours.

Harley-Davidson Museum Peninsula

This view shows the H-D Museum’s Peninsula. Photo by Studio 29 Photography

6. Tons of Free Parking

The Harley-Davidson Museum has more free parking than any Downtown venue we can think of. Much of the parking is right on the campus, but if you need more there are overflow lots across Sixth Street.

Harley Museum Wedding Parking

Tons of free parking – and not just for motorcycles! Photos by Janviere Photography

7. Amazing Extras Included in Rental

So we mentioned the free parking above, but that’s not the only thing included in your wedding package. The H-D Museum includes a lot with your rental – where else do you get two Harley motorcycles for your photos?!?

H-D Museum Rentals

Top photo: Included dance floor by Brian Slawson Photography / Bottom photo: Included linens and tableware by JBe Photography

Here’s what’s included if you have your wedding at the H-D Museum:

  • Floor Length Black Linen
  • China, Flatware, Glassware, Black Napkins
  • Dance Floor
  • Museum Admission for your Guests
  • Parking
  • Champagne Toast
  • Event Coordinator
  • Anniversary Dinner for 2 at MOTOR
  • 2 Motorcycles for Photo Opportunities

8. Stunningly Unique City Views

Since the Harley-Davidson Museum is located on a peninsula, the city views are amazing. You can even have your ceremony outdoors with the Milwaukee skyline in the background. Fun fact – if you have your ceremony indoors in the Rumble space, you’ll get city views too.

Harley Museum Ceremonies

The city views from the H-D Museum campus rock! Photos by Front Room Photography.

9. Delicious and Unique Catering Options

We’ve been to a ton of events at the Harley-Davidson Museum over the years and one thing that sticks out in our minds is the food – it’s always amazing!

The catering is done by the Museum’s in-house caterer and they can create some amazing packages and options. From sit-down meals and buffets to late-night snacks and passed hors d’oeuvres, they’ve got you covered.

Harley Museum Catering

The Harley Museum’s in-house catering rocks! Photo by JBe Photography

10. Gorgeous Outdoor Ceremonies

The H-D Museum’s campus is a gem – 20 acres on a peninsula in Downtown Milwaukee – so naturally their outdoor ceremonies are amazing.

With room for 450 guests, the museum supplies 200 chairs as well as a portable sound system. More chairs, awnings and other extras can be rented to make your ceremony an amazing event in and of itself.

Harley Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor wedding ceremonies at the H-D Museum are amazing. Photos by Nikki Winter Photography

Like what you see and want to make your wedding legendary? Contact the Harley-Davidson Museum today!



  1. Brittany Smith says:

    We had at our wedding reception at the Harley-Davidson Museum in September 2016. I was a little hesitant at first because neither my husband or I are that into motorcycles and I had always pictured my wedding in a giant ballroom. Boy, was I mistaken! The event was held in Chrome which was very industrial chic feel. It was beautiful and everyone was so wonderful to work with. The extras included in the rental are very helpful and saves a ton of time having to hunt down everything yourself. Highly recommend it!

  2. Shirley Brown says:

    Great post!