An Intimate $28K Wedding at Cuvée in the Third Ward

Cuvee Milwaukee Wedding

This Intimate Cuvée wedding cost $28,000. All photos by Happy Gnome Photography

This couple wanted a simple, yet elegant wedding and Cuvée fit the bill. For just over $28,000 they showed their guests a great time and created memories that will last a lifetime. Read on for the cost breakdown of this intimate Cuvée wedding.

Married In Milwaukee Family Used

We were excited to see that they used several Married In Milwaukee Family Members, including:

Quick Facts – Cuvée Wedding:

  • Number of Guests: 85
  • Ceremony/Reception: Cuvée
  • Total Costs: $28,425
Cuvee Wedding Cake and Flowers Cost

The cake cost $530 and the beautiful flowers from Petals were $1,050. Photos by Happy Gnome Photography

Wedding Essentials ($5,080):

  • Invitations/Stationery: $1,200
  • Cake: $530
  • Photographer: $2,300
  • Flowers: $1,050 (included: 9 table arrangements, 2 bouquets, 8 small pin on’s)
Cuvee Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was held in Cuvee and officiated by Judge Derek Mosley. Photos by Happy Gnome Photography

Reception and Ceremony Costs ($18,865):

  • Ceremony/Venue Fee: $10,220 (includes: venue rental, drinks and tables)
  • Drinks: $0 (included in ceremony/venue fee)
  • Food: $6,700
  • DJ: $1,695
  • Officiant: $250
Cuvee Milwaukee Wedding

The wedding reception at Cuvee. Photos by Happy Gnome Photography

Chef Jack's Catering at Cuvee

The catering was done by Chef Jack’s for $6,700 and looks delicious! Photos by Happy Gnome Photography

Attire, Jewelry and Beauty ($2,130):

  • Dress: $800
  • Bride’s Shoes: $80
  • Groom’s Attire: $300
  • Rings: $750
  • Hair and Make-up: $200
Milwaukee Wedding Dress Cost

The bride’s dress cost $800 while the groom’s suite was $300. Photos by Happy Gnome Photography

Other Costs ($2,350):

  • Wedding Party Gifts: $250
  • Hotel Suite $400 (2 nights)
  • Transportation: $500
  • Favors: $1,200 (customized hot chocolate & tea and customized glass mug; out of town bags including map, cards, things to do list, waters)
Coffee and Tea Winter Wedding Favors

A great favor idea for a winter wedding – coffee and tea! Photos by Happy Gnome Photography

A Note from the Bride and Groom

We asked the bride and groom to tell us about their planning and budgeting process, and this is what they had to say:

The Priorities:
For us, we wanted to have a simple, yet elegant and fun wedding. Showing appreciation to our family and closest friends for their support and traveling to our big day were priorities.

Our focus on a fun, memorable evening is highlighted in our choice to prioritize food, drinks, venue & convenience and to have less focus on wedding invitations and party favors, as well as no true “bridal party” (our siblings served as our attendants). We chose not to have a wedding planner, again our focus being simple elegance, and our vendors being extremely helpful with suggestions on other vendors.

The Photos:
Photographs were also very important, as this was a day we want to remember again and again. We chose Happy Gnome because Amy valued our requests to keep things simple and easy for us and our guests – and also capture the moments that make the day memorable.

The Food and Drink:
Food and drink were extremely important- we wanted our guests to feel taken care of and enjoy themselves – this was key for us, especially given that our closest friends and family members were the majority of this intimate wedding.

The Officiant:
Finally, although the officiant did not end up consuming a large portion of our budget, we would have dedicated more of the budget here if needed. We wanted someone who identified with our simple, fun, elegant and intimate themed wedding, and who would represent us, tell our story – in a light hearted and fun way – so as to involve all of our guests. Judge Derek Mosley delivered, and to this day, we still have people comment on what a great officiant he was.

Overall, we exceeded in our goals of having a very personal, intimate, and fun ceremony – and all of our guests said it was the most unique and meaningful ceremony they had ever attended.

– The Bride and Groom

A BIG thanks to the bride and groom for sharing their awesome Cuvée wedding and to Happy Gnome Photography for the photos!

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Cuvee Wedding Milwaukee

The happy couple sneak a kiss in the Third Ward. Photo by Happy Gnome Photography