A Real Milwaukee Wedding at Cuvée and Hubbard Park Lodge

Cuvee Milwaukee Wedding

There’s those weddings where everything is perfect – the outdoor ceremony at Hubbard Park Lodge, the awesome reception at Cuvée and, of course, the photographs that capture it all. This was the case with Kristen and Michael’s wedding, where Milwaukee photographers, Front Room Photography captured stunning photos from each part of the happy couple’s day.

As you’ll see in these photos, Front Room Photography offers you “living art,” something so awesome you want to hang it in the front room of your home for everyone to see.

After sitting down with Front Room’s co-owner, Eron Laber, he explained it like this – Front Room has the skill and experience to be able to capture just the right image for each moment throughout the day. From the girls getting their hair done, the groomsmen having a beer before the ceremony, the first kiss, all the way to getting down on the dance floor, each moment is treated with the utmost importance.

With photos like these, you’ll be able to replay those moments time and time again as you look through them years into the future. Just like Kristen and Michael will do with these photos.

Hubbard Park Lodge Wedding

Hubbard Park Lodge Wedding Ceremony

Photo by Front Room Photography

Photo by Front Room Photography Milwaukee

Cuvee Milwaukee Wedding

Cuvee Milwaukee Wedding

Front Room Photography Milwaukee

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  1. Wow, this looks absolutely stunning! I may have to repeat this exact wedding when I hopefully say “I do” sometime in the next few years…

  2. So very beautiful and one of the cutest couples. Gorgeous photos! Mike and Kristen are too really amazing people!