Unique Wedding Transportation – Cream City Rickshaw

 Cream City Rickshaw at a Milwaukee Wedding

Milwaukee’s Cream City Rickshaw is a unique transportation idea for your Milwaukee wedding. Photo by KB Image Photography

Looking for a unique transportation idea for your Milwaukee wedding? Picture you and your guests riding rickshaws from your hotel to the ceremony or the reception. Milwaukee’s own Cream City Rickshaw can make it happen and help showcase the awesomeness that is Milwaukee to your guests!

If you’ve been on the East Side, Summerfest or other local downtown festivals this summer, you may have seen the green rickshaw bikes of Cream City Rickshaw ready to take you to your destination. As a recreational cyclist myself, there is nothing like taking in the city by bike – and how cool to do it on your wedding day with your guests along for the ride!

Unique Milwaukee Wedding Transportation

Using Milwaukee’s Cream City Rickshaws for your wedding transportation makes for some great photos and awesome memories. Photos by KB Image Photography

Unique Wedding Transportation Option

When we talked with the owner of Cream City Rickshaw, he had quite a few creative ideas to incorporate them into your wedding and entertain at the same time. Cream City Rickshaws have the capacity to handle groups of about 45 people at one time so there are some fun options available:

1. Transportation from Hotel to Ceremony

If you have a lot of out of town guests, they likely are staying in a hotel somewhat close to your ceremony location. While most hotels have shuttle services, what better way to get your guests to your wedding than via the most scenic way to experience our city – by bike.

Sitting leisurely on the back of a pedicab, taking in the views of the buildings, lakefront, or the gorgeous century old homes in the downtown vicinity will impress all of your guests, but especially those from out of town.

Cream City Rickshaw Wedding

Take in the sights of Milwaukee’s lakefront while having an awesome time on your wedding day. Photos by KB Image Photography

2. Transportation from Ceremony to Reception

Many couples opt to have a limo, coach bus or other transportation take their wedding party to offsite photo locations or the reception location, but consider using Cream City Rickshaw to get you there.

Many times it doesn’t take additional time outside of a few minutes than what a limo would take. Not only does it make for some great photos, but awesome memories.

3. Scenic Tour For Guests

If you plan on taking photos between the ceremony and reception, but wonder what your guest will do, consider giving them a tour of Milwaukee via rickshaw.

Popular informal tour ideas include brewery tours, historic tours and scenic tours. These can be great for bachelor/bachelorette parties and other events as well.

Wedding Transportation Ideas Milwaukee

What a fun way to check out Milwaukee! Cream City Rickshaw provides much more than transportation for your wedding. Photos by KB Image Photography

Things to Keep in Mind

While rickshaws are definitely a way to wow your bridal party and guests with a unique way to get from point A to B, there are some things to keep in mind:

1. Short Trips

Cream City Rickshaw’s shop is located on Center and Humboldt. Their general area of operation is 2-3 miles from this spot. Brady Street, Downtown, the East Side and even Bay View are a few of the locations they are most able to accommodate. Contact them for more info if you have questions about areas they can service for your wedding.

Wedding Transportation by Cream City Rickshaw

Cream City Rickshaw is definitely a “green” way to get from point A to B on your wedding day. Photo by KB Image Photography

2. Bike Capacity

The rickshaws hold two people very comfortably, but can hold 3 at a time. Consider what your wedding party is wearing before determining how many people to account for on each bike.

3. Weather

Per Cream City Rickshaw’s website: “All of our pedicabs come equipped with all-season canopies and warm blankets, so whether it is raining outside or 80 degrees outside, you and your guests will be comfortable.” While I would have no problem braving the elements to ride in a rickshaw, some of your guests may not. Just something to keep in mind.

4. Tip Your Driver

Cream City Rickshaw’s drivers are independent contractors and generally work solely on tips. Show them some love.

Contact Cream City Rickshaw for more info on using them for your wedding, bachelorette party or general entertainment. They truly are an option where being “green” can be a fun and unique addition to your wedding.

Special thanks  to KB Image Photography for the great photos in this article.



  1. This was such a wonderful, memorable part of our friends’ Milwaukee wedding. It was romantic, fun, and very sweet; our cyclist drivers were very sweet; our mini-tour of the city was exhilarating; and it felt so good to not be wasting fuel and emissions just getting around. Whenever I think back to that wedding, the pedicab rickshaws are one of the memories that truly stand out.

    • Greg Quigley says:

      Thanks for the comment, Josh! it’s very cool to hear from someone who was at the wedding.