The Ultimate Guide to Milwaukee Bridal Shower Venues

Where to host your bridal shower in Milwaukee

It’s Bridal Shower Time! // Photo by Nikki Winter Photography

Whether you are planning your friend’s bridal shower, or planning your own couples shower or engagement party, we’ve pulled together a list of great party locations. Feel free to comment below with some of your favorites too!

To write this article, we surveyed all of our MIM Family wedding venues for their thoughts as well as included some of our faves. We were surprised to learn that many of our favorite wedding venues also host wedding showers and engagement parties too! #winning

1. Chef’s Table

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Locations - Chefs TableThe Chef’s Table is such an adorable space in Walker’s Point and would be absolutely perfect for a chic bridal shower. High service and customized menus from Chef David make this a foodies’ dream spot.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 60
  • Catering: Customized menu from Chef David Magnasco
  • Special Features: Amazing food; fantastic Walker’s Point location, fully private space


2. The Iron Horse Hotel

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Locations - Iron Horse Hotel 2The Iron Horse is such a beautifully ornate hotel and its private spaces are so unique! The Library (left photos) is literally a library, and The Loft area (right photos) overlooks the hustle and bustle of this popular hotel. Photos by Reminisce Studio.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: The Library: 48 / The Loft: 40
  • Catering: Delicious In House Catering from Iron Horse
  • Special Features: One of Milwaukee’s most beautiful hotels, amazing location in Walker’s Point, unique spaces


3. Camp Bar (3 Locations)

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Locations - Camp BarWe love Camp Bar! The perfect spot for a casual bridal shower or couples shower! Each location has private or semi-private rooms as well as outdoor spaces. In fact, Camp Bar Tosa just announced expansion plans that will add additional event and outdoor garden space.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 50+ at varying 3 locations
  • Catering: Preferred Catering List
  • Special Features: Locations in the Third Ward, East Tosa and Shorewood, a casual spot with “northwoods” decor perfect for the casual couple


4. Central Standard Craft Distillery

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Location - Central StandardLocated in one of Milwaukee’s hottest neighborhoods – Walker’s Point – Central Standard Craft Distillery is a perfect spot for a super fun wedding shower! Right next to Milwaukee Brewing Co. and close to a bunch of other breweries, it’s a fantastic starting point if you are planning your bachelorette / bachelor party right after.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 75 / 50 seated
  • Catering: Open Catering Options
  • Special Features: Awesome Walker’s Point location; open catering list;
    tasty craft cocktails; fantastic decor


5. Pabst Best Place

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Locations - Best Place PabstYou heard that right — you can have your wedding shower at the amazing Pabst Best Place! Small caveat that you’ll need to wait until after 2pm on Saturdays due to their public brewery tours, but they have a small intimate space that works for 40 or less.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 40 / 125 / 200
  • Catering: Preferred Catering List
  • Special Features: Historic venue in the up and coming Pabst Brewery Complex; historic building; the beer


6. Cafe Centraal

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Locations - Cafe CentraalAre you from Bay View or simply just love one of Milwaukee’s coolest neighborhoods? Then Cafe Centraal may be the perfect space for your wedding shower. Their Red Room would be perfect for 40 or less people. Not to mention their newly updated food menu is super yummy! One caveat is they only host showers during their Saturday brunch and Sundays after 5pm. Photos by Robyn Vining Photography

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 40
  • Catering: Cafe Centraal Menu
  • Special Features: Great location in the center of Bay View; private room;
    delicious food and drink menu


7. Swig

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Locations - SwigSwig is in a spectacular location in the Third Ward and is perfect for a wedding shower! They have a private upstairs that includes a bar, cream city brick and warm wood floors. Photos by Nikki Winter Photography

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 72 Seated; 125 Cocktail
  • Catering: Food from Swig Restaurant
  • Special Features: Located in the Third Ward; historic building with cream city brick, private bar


8. Saz’s State House

Milwaukee wedding shower locations - Saz's StatehouseSaz’s State House, is a little known gem in Wauwatosa. It’s a cute historic space and serves delicious Saz’s food; your wedding shower guests are sure to love it. Photo from Saz’s State House website

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 50
  • Catering: Saz’s State House Menu
  • Special Features: Historic space; free parking; central Wauwatosa location


9. Water Buffalo

Milwaukee wedding shower locations - Water BuffaloWe’ve personally hosted a fun little party at Water Buffalo in their lower level space and loved it. Its Third Ward location (on Water & Buffalo Streets) opens up to a Riverwalk patio, is drenched in natural light and has a private bar. It’s perfect for an casual wedding shower. Photos by Nikki Winter Photography

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 30 Seated; 50 Cocktail
  • Catering: Food from Water Buffalo Restaurant
  • Special Features: Located in the Third Ward; opens up to Riverwalk patio; private bar


10. Delafield Hotel – I.d. Restaurant

Delafield Wedding Shower Location - IDThe Delafield Hotel recently opened what looks to be a delish small plate restaurant called I.d. It’s closed to the public during the day on Saturdays and available for private rentals – perfect for a bridal shower! They also have a few intimate private event spaces within the hotel too. Photos from I.d.’s Facebook page

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 65
  • Catering: I.d. Restaurant Menu
  • Special Features: Full use of chic restaurant I.d. and bar during the day on Saturdays; boutique hotel is perfect for out of town travelers


11. Villa Filomena

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location - Villa FilomenaThe historic Villa Filomena is such a cute space for wedding showers! Being that they host weddings on Saturdays during peak months, they are a great option for a Sunday shower or even evenings during the week! Photos by Reminisce Studio

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 30 – 200
  • Catering: Preferred Catering List
  • Special Features: Historic Mansion, Location on the Lower East Side of Milwaukee; beautiful outdoor patio


12. Mercantile Hall – Burlington

Mercantile Hall Bridal Shower Location BurlingtonA brand new venue in super cute downtown Burlington, Mercantile Hall hosts some fabulous weddings in their space but also host private parties including wedding showers! Photo from Mercantile Hall Facebook page

Quick Facts:

  • Wedding Shower Capacity: 75
  • Catering: Preferred Catering List
  • Special Features: A sleek modern event space housed inside a historic mercantile building that dates back to the early 1900s


13. Balzac

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Locations - BalzacBalzac, located off of Brady Street, is available for private rental before 2pm. They have amazing food, extensive wine and drink list, and an adorable outdoor patio. Photos from Balzac’s Instagram

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 200
  • Catering: Food by Balzac
  • Special Features: Awesome Brady Street location; connected to public parking lot; outdoor patio and full bar and restaurant available for use at your event


14. Serenity Farms

Wedding Shower Locations - Serenity FarmBarn weddings are definitely still on trend – but how about a barn bridal shower?!? If that sounds like you then consider then check out Serenity Farm – a family farm dedicated to nature with a beautiful historical barn on site. Photo by Mo Schultz Photography.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 200
  • Catering: Open Catering Options
  • Special Features: Beautiful and rustic barn; family owned and operated


15. South Second

Milwaukee Bridal Shower venue - South SecondA beautiful wedding venue, South Second can also be used as a wedding shower spot based on availability. We recommend utilizing their mezzanine level to create a more intimate vibe. Photos by Jadon Good Photography.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 350 / 260 seated
  • Catering: Saz’s Catering
  • Special Features: An outdoor patio; garage doors opening to the street level; and a 2nd floor mezzanine level balcony.


16. VUE Rooftop Ballroom

The VUE at Hyatt Milwaukee modern venueThe Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Milwaukee hosts the amazing VUE Rooftop Ballroom located on the 21st floor. Panoramic views are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Also located inside the Hyatt are additional spaces available for wedding showers.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 20 – 200 people
  • Catering: In-house catering from the Hyatt Hotel
  • Special Features: Panoramic views of downtown Milwaukee, central location, 481 rooms to house guests


17. The Rock Sports Complex

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location - The Rock Sports ComplexLocated in on the south side of Milwaukee in Franklin, The Rock sits on over 140 acres of rolling landscapes and picturesque hills. In winter it is a ski and tubing hill making it a year round, high fun facility — perfect for the adventurous couple. Photo from The Rock’s Instagram

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 125
  • Catering: Open Catering Options
  • Special Features: Picturesque views, free parking, open catering


18. Harley-Davidson Museum

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location_Harley Davidson MuseumThe H-D Museum is definitely a favorite of ours for weddings, but the huge museum campus has ample private rooms as well as space within their onsite restaurant MOTOR (bottom photo) for smaller groups too. Top photo by Tres Jolie Photography.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 10 – 1000
  • Catering: Onsite Catering
  • Special Features: Private spaces; ample outdoor space; free parking.


19. The Atrium

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location_The AtriumThe Atrium, located in Shorewood, is fantastic for weddings, but they also host wedding showers (and other special events) too! We love the thought of hosting in their rooftop garden complete with fully enclosed and covered seating and mingling areas. Photos by Front Room Photography.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 100+ Rooftop / 200+ Main Level
  • Catering: Preferred Catering List
  • Special Features: Beautiful rooftop patio; parking available


20. The Box

Milwaukee Wedding Shower Location_The Box MKEThe Box is another venue that is used for weddings, but wedding showers would be super cute in this downtown Milwaukee spot. Plus they have an open catering list. Photos by Jadon Good Photography.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 200
  • Catering: Open Catering List
  • Special Features: Great downtown Milwaukee location; blank canvas to style how you want


21. The Marcus Center

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location_Marcus CenterAnother hidden gem on this list is The Marcus Center. Mainly used for weddings, they also have a few other small spaces within this awesome building, conveniently located in the thick of Downtown Milwaukee.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: Varying capacities from 30 – 160+
  • Catering: Sazama’s Fine Catering
  • Special Features: Awesome downtown Milwaukee location; unique spaces; awesome food


22. The Holiday Inn – Milwaukee Riverfront

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location_Holiday Inn RiverfrontThe Holiday Inn at the Milwaukee Riverfront is located north of Downtown and just south of Bayshore Mall. The newly renovated property has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces perfect for bridal showers. And we LOVE their patio right on the Milwaukee River! Photo from Holiday Inn Riverfront Facebook page

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: 54
  • Catering: Catering from hotel
  • Special Features: Hotel rooms; located along Milwaukee’s riverfront;


23. Crown Plaza Hotel – MKE Airport

Milwaukee Bridal Shower Location_ Crown Plaza AirportWant a hotel super close to the airport for your wedding shower? Then the Crown Plaza Hotel by the Airport should be on your list! Plus, we love the fireplace in this cute intimate room.

Quick Facts:

  • Capacity: Varying capacities from 30 – 160+
  • Catering: In house catering
  • Special Features: Ample private rooms; extensive number of hotel rooms; conveniently located near the airport for out of town guests